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Control 2 or 4 decks in virtual dj using the novation launchpad:

8 cue points per deck (deletable using the shift key)

8 effects per deck (4 + 4 more with shift key) with custom mappings of sliders.

8 sample triggers with play/pause or stutter play

Auto loop control with halve and double loop length buttons

Transport controls: cue, pause, play, sync/pitch reset.

Pitch bend/fine search/pitch adjust buttons

Jump +1/-1 (+4/-4 with shift key) buttons

Visual feedback from all buttons.

NOTE: on start up, buttons don't illuminate, but once pressed, they do light up and behave as normal.

Click the blank disc icon above to download the instruction manual. It contains a printable mapping diagram and details of the other plug-ins you'll need to make the most of the mapper.

Version 1.1 update

- Incorrect colour fixed on one LED
- Deck Change buttons now colour coded