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Topic: Problems with Ezymix virtual dj controller, any help much appreciated
illenyPRO (legacy)Member since 2012
I am using a pc and using windows seven. I have downloaded ASIO4ALL driver and I am using Virtual DJ LE. After downloading virtual Dj Le off the disk fine, my ezy mix controller is plugged in and flashing red and green. I can't seem to open virtual DE LE, it says error in the sound driver (DirectX/WDM. Under devices my dj controller is coming up under, unspecified. Have downloaded all windows update.
Any help much appreciated?

geposted Sat 09 Aug 14 @ 10:53 pm
Hi , I am having the same problem. Installed as per instructions that came with the unit. It said 'pc users have to install ASIO4all'.
No joy. I installed and ran everything as administrator. I am on win8.1. I have also done everything mentioned in any VDJ forum with keywords 'ave ezymix' , 'not enough channels', does not have any reference to this controller either so firmware updates/soundcard drivers could be hard to find.
Has anyone been able to 'MacGyver' this thing?? I will keep trying and post positive results if I come up with any

geposted Fri 23 Jan 15 @ 9:59 pm
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012
Gents ... please keep in mind that Asio4All is just a emulation picking up you generic windows driver and pretends to be a Asio driver.
So eihter there is something wrong with your Audio Config ( make sure to setup correctly and that the used soundcard has the ability to manage all needed channels ) or Soundcard requires the recommended A4A drivers V2.9 as linked on the manufacturers page.

geposted Sat 24 Jan 15 @ 3:27 am
See the advice here.

Basically, the Ezymix doesn't have or require a specific driver. It's "class compliant", which means that your computer OS already has built in support.

ASIO4ALL is not required, as firstly it's NOT an ASIO driver, and secondly it just piggybacks onto (and requires) the WDM class compliant driver anyway.

geposted Sat 24 Jan 15 @ 3:29 am
@zimsonic, the Ezymix appears to be a clone of the KAM Digi Mini (Yahorng ME100) so it might be worth downloading and reading through the installation instructions here because it gives details of some Windows settings that need changing.

geposted Sat 24 Jan 15 @ 3:43 am
Thanks guys, I followed all suggestions and more but I am still not able to get things running. I sort of did but was unable to get the controller to be seen as a playback device by windows. I will correct myself, the controller is not seen as a sound card but as speakers. Speakers / 4-ME120SC DjController v2.0.
I have tried using USB2 and 3 ports, I have even removed and reinstalled by USB controller.
Thanks for trying guys...I will keep at it and if I cant get it working by the weekend I will have to sadly, or not so sadly take it back to the shop and maybe spend a bit more for something not so entry level. Back to my records for now...

geposted Wed 28 Jan 15 @ 5:11 am
OK so it's seen as speakers (that's just the driver description) but what happens when you select that option as your output?

geposted Wed 28 Jan 15 @ 5:19 am
pc sound card - playback devices:
ME120SC dj controller - ready (speakers)
realtek hd audio (speakers) default

VDJ config :
input - none
output- Hdphones -master 1st card / headphones 2nd card
soundcard - 2 cards- 1-spkrs(realtek hd audio) 2-spkrs(2-ME120SC DjContr v2.0)

VDJ now loads without throwing Directx/WDM error (can run normal and as admin, OK)

No audio from controller sound card plugged into amp, sound does come from pc speakers(its a laptop really). RFL selector makes not change in in audio routing.

controller plugged into USB2.0 port. No other programs/apps running to assume ctrl of sound card.
midi signals received by vdj ok (functions seem to work) just no audio out on controller sound card...
Thanks groovindj

geposted Thu 29 Jan 15 @ 4:04 am
You should be using the Ezymix as your only output.

Don't try and use the "two cards" setup. It's not necessary. Your Ezymix has channels for main output and for headphones.

The whole idea of using a controller with built in audio is to use that instead of your laptop sound.

geposted Thu 29 Jan 15 @ 4:36 am
Sorry I have not been back on for a while. I did get the unit to work!. Like you said groovindj, only use the ezymix as the output. What I did was ignore all warnings, "not enough channels" etc. Once everything was installed, I disabled my internal soundcard in playback devices.
Something important to note also is that ASIO4ALL does need to be used.
Thanks for all your advice. So glad It is working now.

geposted Sun 01 Mar 15 @ 1:10 am
zimsonic wrote :
ASIO4ALL does need to be used.

Where did you get this information? The unit is a class compiant device, therefore it doesn't require any driver - support is built in to the operating system.

There are YouTube videos showing these units being installed using the built in support (no ASIO4ALL).

ASIO 4ALL is not an ASIO driver. True ASIO drivers are supplied by the manufacturer to work specifically for their hardware.

ASIO4ALL simply uses the existing Windows WDM driver (i.e. the class compliant one) and proves ASIO emulation to any software that is ASIO-only (which VDJ is not).

geposted Sun 01 Mar 15 @ 3:06 am
how can i download the EZymix? any help?

geposted Mon 11 Jun 18 @ 11:24 pm