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Topic: Multiple Projectors with muilti different things from virtual dj on it
I just spent a truck load of money getting a new top of the line desk top to run video from it has 12 hdmi out on top of 6 dvi . its all good to go . I was wondering about outputting virtual dj to it.
I want to have one of 6 short throw ten foot screens having different stuff on each
1. is logo and video
2. will be background for dj
3. Sms and or Iwall
4. slide show
5. live feed
6. Other like visualizations
is this possible to have all these things going on at once?

geposted Wed 12 Jul 17 @ 5:03 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
There is only one video output in vdj, but it would be possible to create a plugin or customize a skin so that it shows additional deck previews in individual windows which could be dragged to the other screens.
You could then activate different video effects on each of these decks to achieve what you are looking for

geposted Wed 12 Jul 17 @ 5:15 am
With the TellyMedia Plus version you can send it's Media, Carousel and Camera to either the VDJ Video or 2 optional windows. When sent to an optional window they are independent of VDJ's display mechanism.

geposted Thu 13 Jul 17 @ 6:28 pm
Is TellyMedia Plus a add on to virtual dj or a seprate program I have to buy ? Please link .. im actually requesting it ...

geposted Thu 27 Jul 17 @ 6:19 pm
TellyMedia Plus acts just like the TellyMedia addon but does more. For TellyMedia Plus, you make a donation of $25 US or more. I then send you a license code that allows you to install TellyMedia Plus, TellyVisuals Plus, and TellyContainer. TellyContainer allows you to use TM+ and TV+ without using VDJ. It is completely separate from VDJ. TC also adds a shape tool that allows you to adjust for projectors using a 4 point map. The 4 points can be anywhere which means you can been the crap out of it. The 4 points can be dragged anywhere within a rectangular box. TC started out as a test app for me when VDJ8 came out and some people expressed an interest in it so put it up for general use. A single donation gives you access to TM+, TV+ , and TC.

TM+ adds these things to the basic TM addon.

1) adds 2 banks for the Media tab making 6 banks or 72 media files open at same time. They can be saved or loaded at anytime.

2) adds support for IP cameras and ability to rotate the camera image 90 degrees in addition to flip horizontal and flip vertical.

3) adds options for 12 different font sizes for various screen resolutions.

4) adds 2 more separate display windows in addition to the VDJ display window. You can set TM's Media, Carousel, and Camera displays to be on any window. The windows can be moved to any display you might have.,

5) adds an option to use software YUV decoding in addition to hardware YUV decoding. There were some users who said they were getting black images for some video (YUV videos). It only occurred on some Intel cards. So since I was not able to reproduce it on my machines, the first test was to send these users test code that would verify all the checking I do for this sort of thing. The test reported back to me that all the test were saying everything is ok and YUV decoding is fully supported for those machines. The next thing was to search the internet for information on this.. It took weeks of searching for a real answer (months really as I had made 2 or 3 attempts prior to the last and successful attempt. I finally found the answer and it was burred deep. I found only a single note from Intel about the problem and admitting to it. I found the driver that fixed the problem and was only available via a special link and was not available via any update link. This just goes to show you that I will go to great lengths to help if you have donated. I will also help you with non-plus versions but more limited to the plugins while for plus versions I will try to help you with just about anything except your spouse :) I will diagnose problems on your machine when necessary. The YUV software decoding option was added as an instant fix but suggest driver fix instead when possible.

TV+ adds these things to the basic TV addon.

1) adds over 800 emoticons including emoji icons. These icons can be use anywhere text is displayed. They are treated like text items more or less but colorful images and not text characters. Text wrapping, text fitting, and icons within text have always been part of TellyVisuals. TV has it's own text display system and does not use dxFont.

2) adds text messaging features. Source can be IMU, iWall, or PushBullet. Supports text and images for PB and iWall.

3) adds a connections tab that allows you to set user tokens for various services such as PushBullet, Twilio, and Twitter. Twilio and Twitter are part of TV prime which requires a donation of 40 dollars or more. TV Prime also allows 3D rotation of panel images.

4) adds options for 12 different font sizes for various screen resolutions.

5) there is a variety of minor improvements thru-out

The donations I get don't pay my bills etc.I still have to work other jobs to pay bills but I work on TM and TV as much as possible. I see donations as making you part of a team with at least a small commitment form you. The end goal is not TV or TM but a combination of the 2 and more. I think now in order to upload addons they need to be free. I don't know. Over 2 years ago Atomix decided not to allow plugins that cost money or need donations etc. They decided to more or less let part timers go for it. Gee is that what you guys want? A part time programmer would usually refer to someone that sucks at it in my opinion. No incentive for anyone to put much time into it other than a learning experience for them. My incentive to stay with it is to build technology that goes way beyond TM or TV. I mentioned long ago this was the case. There would be no other reason for me to stay. No money to be made that is. The end goal is very important to me. I would not be here if that was not so. Well you see they have eased up on talking about money things so that is why I am allowed to do that now. Don't knoiw it will change again or not but we are setup elsewhere now and most discussion about TM and TV takes place there. In the interim I was not allowed to talk about plus features so there was not much incentive to talk about anything here except bugs.

Once you make an appropriate donation a license code will be sent to you.

you can get more info and make a donation by clicking the donate button here.

geposted Fri 28 Jul 17 @ 11:35 am
jucenicPRO InfinityMember since 2012
4) adds 2 more separate display windows in addition to the VDJ display window. You can set TM's Media, Carousel, and Camera displays to be on any window. The windows can be moved to any display you might have.,

How to do it? What else do you need? I have the plus version

geposted Sat 29 Jul 17 @ 4:18 am

geposted Sat 29 Jul 17 @ 11:50 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
It's obvious Don you have being left to your own devices to actually make the video sampler and associated plugins work for the users of VDJ whilst not actually being paid a penny by the company. Since V8 was released others and myself on numerous occasions have put forward suggestions and after all of these years are still waiting for them to be implemented. Place has stagnated with a massive fall off of contributors to the whole site, unfortunately I am one that does not frequent the forums as often as I did each day, don't see the point anymore, put ideas forward and nothing happens.

geposted Thu 03 Aug 17 @ 12:11 am
About 6 months after Pangolin and I started working on things for VDJ, it was clear there was no real market for a 3rd party company and could also see expectations were pretty low for many of the DJs. Of course expectations are very high for many as well. That initial attempt was sort of a feeler to see whats up with the DJ market and maybe spur on some sales for laser shows and equipment. Pangolin provides software and hardware for outdoor and indoor laser shows and can be pretty stunning indoors. Waves of low intensity laser light that can put you on cloud 9 without drugs or alcohol. Bill and I talked about me spending time on something that did not generate enough revenue to even cover the cost of development. I said well, we are here and have built some technology. Lets take that and use it in other products to help offset the cost which we have done. Pangolin stayed with it longer then they probably should have and more or less left it up to me to maintain or add things. No real interest after a short period. I also had to do other work most of the time. When VDJ8 was coming out, Pangolin was going thru some restructuring with accounting and easy for them to dump the cost associated with the plugins. They also put me on hold for awhile for other work. They allowed me to have all rights to the code for the plugins and could do whatever I wanted as long as I renamed them. But why would I even stay with it?

As mentioned, early on we knew not much money here for us. So we can build some technology to help to offset cost a little. My main working background is in computer graphics and multi-media entertainment for about 4 different companies. With one company, it was absolutely the best years of my life and we were golden for awhile. We became a publicly traded company in one year and had some high profile investors. It ended because management broke down as we were growing so fast. The stress was intense and hard to meet the demands of more and more work. I am still very pissed about that and so are many others. But I think everyone that worked there will say it was absolutely the most fun they ever had and actually got paid to do it.

Doing work in the area of multi-media entertainment if flat out fun but all of programing is labor intensive work. If you have a company with a variety of people handling the programing, the testing, sales, marketing, etc. it can go pretty smoothly and quickly with the right people. When I left working for companies about 15 years ago, I decided to just go it alone and did a whole variety of contract work and a lot of it boring. My heart was always in the area of multi-media entertainment. Well DJ's handle just about every aspect of that. COOL! A good match for me. My imagination takes hold and can see in my mind what that could be. Kind of funny I have not done anything with what I would call multi-entertainment for VDJ yet. It is always on my mind though. I am ok building tools and that is the way to go about it. It is a bummer to sit here knowing what could be done and knowing it is going to take one person a long time. It is why I have not left. It is not about money. I have a goal and want to achieve it. I am so very grateful to the people who have donated. Not enough to pay bills etc. but it has gotten me thru some tough times and have made some good friends. I am also grateful to Atomix for putting up with me at times. In my eyes it is always about helping to make things better and not about anything else. Atomix is the host here and it is the least I can do but I know some things I say can be taken as kind of hard criticism. It is not that. Everyone needs to be yelled at every now and then including me. Kind of like a jump start for motivation at times.

So I stay here because it is a good fit for me and want to do a whole lot more. I would say I have barely scratched the surface. Not even that. I have to work also where I can be paid. With one of the companies I left I had a lot of stock options and could have been wealthy today. I had a day to think about it but it would have been a bit on the shady side. I knew I would be poor the next day if I did not do something. I decided it would better to be poor and not to have some shady deal hanging over me. I also though no big deal to be poor. I will just do whatever it takes. But it was a big deal not having company support like I was used to and getting used to working alone.

geposted Thu 03 Aug 17 @ 3:18 am
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
not always easy sometimes in the way you write on forum but you have in general some good points as you know what you talk about. It's really appreciated and that is a challenge for Atomix when there is an expert talking. You are always welcomef on our forums.

About your contribution, we try to listen to our customers and needs (for example SMS text messaging) and it's always interesting to create synergy and not create the wheel again. Sometimes a partnership works, sometimes not.

geposted Thu 03 Aug 17 @ 11:11 pm
Thank you Charles. That means a lot to me coming from you. You were the first person Bill and I met at Atomix. You were friendly, very helpful, represented your company well, and you gained our respect quickly.

We have not spoke much since the early years but just yesterday I was thinking about you. Just some random thoughts passing thru. I have no real idea about the structure at Atomix... I am not even going to tell you much about what I was thinking... It is not my place. I was thinking about something and god only knows why but was about a job position at Atomix for you. You already have that of course but was thinking you would be the ideal person to fill the position I had in mind... I have no idea if my thoughts on that were anywhere near accurate and I am going to leave you hanging on this... Just to let you know you made an impact on me and I do think about you from time to time.

geposted Fri 04 Aug 17 @ 12:19 am
Im happy that this post was explained in this detail. I spend lots of time buying programming lights and learning. truth is im at a cross roads where i might pack in the entire dj thing. I have seen this week people djing with hacked version of this software. where ever they got the crack they had everything. I mean including all the karaoke and music. i suddenly realized i had just spent 50 grand on stuff .. to get a 100$ a night job. But i will buy the pluginn and it will come from hypnostretch. If it wasnt for us there would be no real talent.. p.s . won a 50$ betting a dj he couldnt spin with out a lap top. crash and burn.. check your email.

geposted Wed 09 Aug 17 @ 5:38 am
Sometimes you do things because you love doing it and sometimes you get paid for what you love doing. Since you love doing it you will do the best you can even if it can be expensive at times. The people who steal or cheat are just low class who will get what they deserve some day.

The donation for the combination of TM, TV, and TC is not a purchase. It is a donation and the way I see it is it makes you part of a team. Someday your donation may work for it in ways that you did not expect.

geposted Wed 09 Aug 17 @ 8:58 pm
DONATION SENT : Is there a video of what the capabilities of this program.

geposted Mon 02 Oct 17 @ 11:57 pm
No videos in particular. There are 3 programs but if talking about TellyMedia, then click the help button and then about a 5 to 10 minute read.

Ask questions anytime. There is help for TV and TM but it needs to be redone... I don't dwell on the help for them because I would rather spend time on the next new thing that will replace them.

geposted Tue 03 Oct 17 @ 3:04 am
is there a way to encode a way to have a multi screen where you can open websites and stuff and drag and drop the site to the tellmed?

geposted Tue 07 Nov 17 @ 5:32 am
No. If screen capture is what you want to do then you can use a DirectShow software screen capture which will appear in the camera tab of TM.

geposted Tue 07 Nov 17 @ 8:33 pm
do you have this for mac

geposted Sun 04 Mar 18 @ 7:56 am