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Topic: Virtual Dj 7
I just bought a new controller but it only works for 10 mins before being shut off so I want to ask how can I buy a license for virtual DJ 7?

geposted Mon 04 Dec 17 @ 1:56 pm
You need a version 8 full Pro license then you also get a code for version 7. This won't work with monthly subscription.

Version 7 Is deprecated anyway so not sure why you would want to use it?

If it's just for home use you can get a version 8 controller licence for that specific unit far cheaper.

geposted Mon 04 Dec 17 @ 2:28 pm
@Mike, you won't be able to use the controller for any longer in VDJ 7 either. That also had a 10 minute limit for unlicensed users.

Plus, if it's a new controller then it won't be supported in VDJ 7 anyway, as development has stopped.

geposted Mon 04 Dec 17 @ 5:49 pm