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Topic: Looperator & Akai APC40 Mapping Question
Back again for some more guidance. I'm trying to map Sugar Bytes Looperator to some buttons on my Akai APC40 and I'm unable to figure out how to scroll through the presets with a command. Unfortunately there isn't a midi learn function for the preset arrows. I always due research and diligence before posting in the forum so any help would be appreciated. I found a youtube video that addresses this but used keys to assign the presets which I don't think will help with the APC40 ( around 00:40 into it. The closest thing that I've found is So after trying many many scripts involving "'effect_button 'Looperator'" X or "'effect_slider 'Looperator'" X I still can't get it to work. Any suggestions how I could accomplish this?

geposted Sun 17 Dec 17 @ 4:46 am
In that video he's using the 'remote list' feature. This is mentioned at the beginning of the Looperator manual (page 8). You should be able to assign MIDI notes to buttons on your APC40.

geposted Sun 17 Dec 17 @ 9:33 am
Thank you for your response @groovindj. I'm showing my ignorance here but to do this I believe I would have to create a definition file for the APC40 because I currently use the default VDJ8 mapper (customized). Is there an easier way? To save a lot of time to see if it works I have a Samson Conspiracy sitting around that I had other plans for but figured since it can be customized (i.e. note/key/cc/channel) onboard or from the editor software it comes with I assigned the notes to the buttons that I want to use. The buttons work like they're supposed to as long as VDJ isn't open. When VDJ is open the buttons don't work with Looperator anymore.

geposted Sun 17 Dec 17 @ 7:28 pm
How do you assign midi notes to a controller? I'm trying to assign notes to toggle through the Looperator VST remote list. I started using a AKAI LPD8 because you can assign notes through the editor. Works great but the problem is you can only assign the midi to one deck at a time using 'Midi To VST" in the audio settings per controller (unless you change it manually which isn't that efficient on the fly). So I'm trying to get my APC40 to assign midi notes so I can scroll through the remote list and just assign the 'Midi To VST' to another deck. Any ideas?

geposted Wed 07 Mar 18 @ 3:46 am
These is also My Question .
How I can assign a custom Button to enable Midi To VST for Deck 1 , 2 , 3 ,4 ect. ?
Greetings Dani

geposted Wed 26 Sep 18 @ 12:38 pm