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Topic: Best way to store music in the cloud for Virtual DJ
Hi guys,

Happy New Year! One of our new years resolutions is to organise our tunes better. At the moment they are a mess. What we are looking to do is this;

Store all the tunes in the cloud
Easy way for all three of us to access/add/amend etc
Be able to sort them into playlists
Have some way of segmenting them - e.g. like on itunes with the star system
Be able to view and play them all from the browser on virtual DJ

Any suggestions for what software would work best for this? Any advice greatly appreciated!


Ben, Graham and Nick (Stepney Soul Syndicate)

geposted Sun 07 Jan 18 @ 10:25 am
Over the holidays I actually did this with my music.

It's not a quick process! It took days of continuous uploading to get everything on the cloud. But I figured once the bulk is done, it would be easy to keep it updated with a few tracks now and again.

Sharing is possible, but with three people potentially modifying the same files, it could get confusing.

I suppose it'd be possible to access the files from within VDJ because (at least in the system I use) there's a local copy of everything that's on the cloud, so VDJ would play the local copy rather than the cloud copy - which would probably be far too slow/unreliable to risk doing live at a gig.

geposted Sun 07 Jan 18 @ 11:20 am
For the tracks: Any cloud solution that is simply mirroring your disk will do. Like dropbox. Then VDJ will just use the cloud track files like any other track files because they will already be on the disk, and stay in the same location

For the playlists i would use m3u playlists, created by any software that supports them, and also make sure to create them in a folder in the same cloud solution as the tracks. Then they simply always work in VDJ

geposted Sun 07 Jan 18 @ 11:24 am
this is what ive been looking for! but how can I do it? Im trying to get the music to be accessable by several djs at several locations. I used the cloud list thing, and the song names shows up, but unfortunately no music plays (or anything) when I try to load the song.

geposted Wed 04 Jul 18 @ 6:48 pm