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Topic: Pioneer headphones broke, AGAIN! Headphone advice... - Page: 1
Hey guys...my Pioneer HDJ-1500s broke, AGAIN!

Has anyone had any luck with other quality headphones? In particular the Sony MDR-7506.

I just hate to drop another $200 bucks on headphones I KNOW will end up breaking. I've gone through 3 pairs of Pioneers in about 5 years. As careful as I am with my gear, that is too much! The Sony's are half the price and I've heard good things, but you cant always trust reviews. You gotta hear it from the working guys!

Any opinions?

geposted Tue 13 Mar 18 @ 8:08 pm
My suggestions would be - Sennheiser or V-Moda (I own and use both).

geposted Tue 13 Mar 18 @ 8:32 pm
+1 on Sennheiser, top quality sound, well made and the ones I use I have had since 1986....Had to glue some bits back together, but they just keep on working. Best £40 I ever spent and that was a fortune in 1986 for some headphones.

geposted Tue 13 Mar 18 @ 9:40 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
+1 for Sennheiser.

Go for the Sennheiser HD 25.

geposted Wed 14 Mar 18 @ 8:55 am
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

I've had two pairs of HDJ1500's go on me in the last year alone! The second pair were under warranty, and I can't be bothered to send these back again (or try, they probably wont replace them again).

In both cases, one side stopped working, and I don't have them super loud, just loud enough.

So I wont be buying anymore either, that said I've not had much better luck with the alternatives.

I'm sure the HD25s are all that people make out, I just don't like the look/fit of them.

geposted Wed 14 Mar 18 @ 1:27 pm
Pioneer headphones are made to break easily!
I have paid for mine 200 pounds and they degraded it self, ear pads turned to pieces even I was using leather protector! Pioneer team they think they are very clever maybe they are! but I will never ever buy another one from them. Thanks!
I got JVC ordinary headphones 20 quid they still going strong, ear pads never peeled even I have never used leather protector.
If you wanna buy good ones go for Sennheiser HD25

geposted Wed 14 Mar 18 @ 4:50 pm
Thanks for the advice guys! Just happened that Guitar Center (chain music store in the US) had a sale on headphones so I took it as a sign. LOL! Cant beat $20 off! I'll get to use them this weekend for St Patrick's Day!

geposted Wed 14 Mar 18 @ 5:44 pm
938MyDJPRO InfinityMember since 2007
It only hurts the first or the second time...

Once you’ve accepted the fact that headphones are disposable (similar to needles/cartridges), you’ll be more open to having spare of your favourite model or getting a better one.

I broke 3 so far since 2007. The third one is the same as yours. I upgraded to to the HDJ-2000mk1 and it lasted longer... I don’t expected it to last forever though. I have another 3 from different brands as back up but will get another HDJ-2000 once mine dies.


geposted Wed 14 Mar 18 @ 11:14 pm
You saying they don't last forever ! In 90's man we have used Yamaha studio headphones they lasted for more than 25 years that was quality!
Today they make them cheap so you must buy new one !

geposted Wed 14 Mar 18 @ 11:24 pm
Sennheiser HD 25.

Only on my second pair in 20 years!

geposted Thu 15 Mar 18 @ 12:19 am
938MyDJPRO InfinityMember since 2007
nicholas123 wrote :
You saying they don't last forever ! In 90's man we have used Yamaha studio headphones they lasted for more than 25 years that was quality!
Today they make them cheap so you must buy new one !

No offense but if I own the same that still works, it will stay in the studio because it may not look appropriate along with my current DJ gear... probably not as comfortable too with the modern style of pre-listening (i.e. one-ear most of the time and two when necessary).

It also depends HOW and HOW OFTEN you use it.
If you only pre-listen to songs you don’t know and mixing A to B only, then the headphone life could be extended. A busy headphone which goes out every weekend (or more for others), goes in and out on a backpack or a fully-loaded-controller case, that also goes on and off your ear because you mix songs every two minutes or so, will surely retire earlier than the prior.

New OS/computer every year and new controller/mixer every month... 2 to 4 years for a headphone just sounds fair... just saying.

Or keep it in the packaging if you want it to last forever.


geposted Fri 16 Mar 18 @ 2:20 pm
938 we have use it more than today dj's we used to play from Thursday til Sunday in night clubs 4 days in clubs + we did not use our owns every club has that as tool for dj's+
Music has been already there you just come and play ( LP records+ turntables ) now days people bringing their own gear + music!
you could bring your music too!
You just come to play and all the gear is there for you, you are probably to young so you don't know what I have to try to say!
you can't say that dj's long time ago has been used less headphones than today dj's

geposted Fri 16 Mar 18 @ 3:50 pm
938MyDJPRO InfinityMember since 2007
You don't need to defend yourself on HOW and HOW OFTEN topic... it's not intended to you personally in particular. When I said "YOU" there, it is for general headphone use.

My simple point here to the OP is... it's NORMAL to break headphones.
And YES, I strongly believe they won't last forever the way I use them.


geposted Fri 16 Mar 18 @ 6:48 pm
I did not take this personally I just tried to say that long time ago Yamaha headphones was quality and maybe 3 times expensive than pioneer are at the moment.
I know they had steel frame build as a tank but they was not affordable for everyone just studios had them and the night club owners in night club.
now days they make them cheap comparable to before!
drivers are good and sounding better now than before but construction very cheap comparing to before!

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geposted Mon 19 Mar 18 @ 8:34 am
djles.co.uk wrote :
Sennheiser HD 25.

Only on my second pair in 20 years!

I have Sony MDR-XB400 headphones from around 2010 or so. I have used them for DJing (and still do) both personally and professionally extremely often, and I also use them to block out noise for traveling on international flights, AND while sharing music with some of my exes while overseas.

I never kept the Sony's in any packaging and always threw it in bags with other things. I was more careful with the Pioneers though because I "felt" they were more important.

I did stop using the Sony's professionally for about a year (Summer 2022 - Summer 2023) because I got some Pioneer headphones last summer with points I received for staying a year at a flexible living apartment unit.

Well, I will resume with professionally using the Sony headphones from 2010 starting today since the Pioneer one broke.

Sometimes doing things just because everyone else is doing it, or paying more to get something that others will accept and appreciate you more for, or just doing things to make yourself feel "more authentic" in other people's minds, etc. doesn't always lead to the best or most convenient outcome, and doesn't always actually help you perform or perfect your task any better. It doesn't matter what age you are. I always *strongly recommend* that people focus more on how they sound during DJ performances rather than trying to be impressive with looks based on price, size and brands.

What I did like about the Pioneer headphones was that they were comfortable, mainly due to it having a longer, stretchy cord, and primarily because the bass in them aren't as deep and powerful as the Sony's are. Therefore, it didn't bother me as much when I had to turn up the volume in my headphones to compensate for the loudness around me with the Pioneers.

Both are somewhat noise cancelling, and the Sony MDR-XB400 is comfortable too, but not as new as the new Pioneers were. I also have a back up "pair" of the same brand of Sony headphones that remains mostly unused because I never had to replace the original ones. One was even given to an ex girlfriend.

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