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Topic: Filter reset on load
Hello, I did a custom mapping on my Hercules Universal Dj controller. I mapped 2 knob to be a filter. Is there a way to have the filter reset on load?

geposted 3 days ago @ 4:01 pm
Yes, it's part of resetEqOnLoad

geposted 3 days ago @ 4:17 pm
Darn, dont want to reset all my eq settings on reload. Ok, thx for the response.

geposted 3 days ago @ 5:14 pm
Surely it should be resetFXOnLoad .... nothing to do with EQ

geposted 3 days ago @ 5:20 pm
kradcliffe wrote :
Surely it should be resetFXOnLoad .... nothing to do with EQ

No, it's considered part of the EQ
The resetFXOnLoad turns off effects from the effects section

geposted 3 days ago @ 5:24 pm
I have reset fx on load already check and it does not reset the filter.

geposted 3 days ago @ 5:38 pm
That doesn't make sense because filter is classed as an effect?

geposted 3 days ago @ 5:54 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
How do you load your tracks? If it's by a controller or keyboard button and not mouse drag&drop, you could map something to reset the filter if you press you "Load" buttons.

geposted 3 days ago @ 12:36 pm
Thx, that might be a good work around.

geposted 2 days ago @ 9:05 pm
kradcliffe wrote :
filter is classed as an effect

By who? It's a form of EQ - it affects frequencies.

geposted 2 days ago @ 9:07 am