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Topic: Are video pools like provideos4djs legal?
DjMaxB7PRO InfinityMember since 2020
Hi! I am a subscriber of Xtendamix since 2015. I love this video pool. They have a great customer service, a very large catalogue, greaat quality videos and they are legal.

I would like to find another source for video remixes. i was wondering if video pools like provideos4djs, VjStreet and mp4remix are legal. Will i be in trouble if i subcribe to those sites or download or play their videos?

geposted Sat 14 Aug 21 @ 4:50 am
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
How many times have you been controlled by the "Music Police" on a gig or broadcast?

geposted Tue 17 Aug 21 @ 4:23 am
Dj Max I used all the mentioned sources, i do think that Xtenda Mix is the best. VJ Street, Provideo4Djs and MP4Remix are all located outside the country ,there might be some legal issues. Promo only defiantly speak to Nick. SmashVision is pretty good. Xmix has a select number of videos a month but it is pricey Also look into the Ultimix and Funky mix Vip membership ,they are also offering video.

geposted Wed 01 Jun 22 @ 5:55 am
I'm not a lawyer, but I've worked in this space for decades from a few different angles, and there are a number of legal hurdles here.

Services like Xtendamix, Promo Only, etc that work with record labels are great because your possession of the files is legal. You personally won't get in trouble for "illegal downloading" of any music when using these services.

However you can use a legal music service and yet the venue can still get in trouble if they don't have a performance license for every song you play. Generally venues pay ASCAP/BMI flat rate fees for this, but you still have no way of knowing if every song you're playing is covered by these licenses.

On a practical level, it's damn near impossible for your average DJ to be 100% certain that everything they're playing is in complete compliance with all intellectual property laws unless their set is pre-planned, researched and pre-cleared in advance.

Also on a practical level, most copyright holders aren't worried about DJs. We're the ones getting their music out in front of other people, we're helping them by playing their music in public. There are exceptions to this, of course, but for the most part, they're more worried about average people illegally downloading their music in bulk than they are about us creating demand for their tracks.

So, my advice would be, in general don't worry about it, but please keep supporting the big legal services. They do a great job and we need to do our part to keep them afloat.

But make sure your venue has all the licensing they need. Ascap & bmi WILL go after venues playing music without a license.

geposted Thu 02 Jun 22 @ 1:39 am