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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Make the Timecode tab provide for autodetection of timecode noise level setting
The timecode tab currently provides for:
- Autodetection of Timecode type
- L/R + P/A balance

The noise sensitivity calibration, however:
- Is only available separately in the options menu
- Can only be manually adjusted

It would be helpful if the timecode tab had (especially in noisy club environments):
1) All timecode settings available and settable - in particular, the timecode noise sensitivity setting
2) An option for automatic calculation/setting of the timecode noise sensitivity value

User steps:
- Place the needle on the stopped record
- (Optional) switch to internal mode
- Start the auto calculation process

Software steps
- Measure signals obtained from environment vibration on one or more turntables (sould really be all in the setup)
- Set the timecode noise sensitivity to the average value from all turntables

Ideally, you could make the timecode sensitivity a per deck setting (although it is rare for one deck to experience a more noise influenced signal than the other and is probably due to bad equipment placement relative to speakers). The auto calibration steps described above would then be done per deck.

Other heavily used/well respected DVS systems already have auto noise sensitivity calibration per deck and manual override of L/R + P/A settings available.
I am open to discussion of reasons for not wanting to do this as well.

geposted Sun 12 Sep 21 @ 4:04 pm