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Topic: Tag Editor - Copy full path to clipboard

A great place for this feature would be here in the menu at the bottom of the tag editor.

It would be helpful to be able to copy the full pathname to the file to the clipboard, and maybe the just the folder name to the clipboard.


geposted Sat 11 Mar 23 @ 3:17 am
As a workaround you can open the file in Explorer / Finder with a script like this: browsed_file_reveal & minimize
You can remove the minimize part if you don't like it.
Anyway, the file should open on Explorer/Finder where it's very easy to either work with it, or copy it's path.
On Explorer for instance, hold down SHIFT on your keyboard, right click the file and select "Copy as filepath"

geposted Mon 13 Mar 23 @ 12:47 pm