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Topic: I just can't get VirtualDJ to work with my setup.
So I have a few days left on my subscription for the first month and I really want this to work but apparently I am not able to.
I have a Xone96 mixer with 3 decks connected to it. Deck 1 will play a timecode (Serato), Deck 2 & 3 have Phase. Of course I want to mix regular vinyl as well.

First of all it's a stuttery mess and tunes speed up and down without touching the platter. My computer is not the bottleneck here as it doesn't show enough load or spikes etc.

Secondly: After a tune on a deck I lose my DVS control. The deck just starts playing a tune and I can't make it work again with any of the 3 decks. I played around with some settings but all I want is a direct control from my turntable (be it Phase or timecode) to the software which doesn't work.

I did reset the software and now I can't even add a 3rd timecode deck anymore. What should I do?

geposted Thu 21 Sep 23 @ 11:08 pm
To get help quickly.. would be best to include additional info.


1) a screenshot of you audio setup
2) the version/build of VDJ
3) your OS
4) which drivers for the hardware you have installed currently
5) when the issue occurs, if not all the time.
6) any other details you feel, may be of importance.
7) Maybe a short video of the issue.. uploaded to youtube (or similar,) if possible

Great setup by the way..

geposted Fri 22 Sep 23 @ 2:38 am
Okay so here I am back again.

I tried fixing a few things myself first which I succeeded in.
But there are two things that still bother me and actually prevent me from playing a set.
When loading tunes I always get crackles, no matter how I set the loading performance. Currently it's set to idle but I still get crackles.

Also when riding the pitchfader it's nowhere near being accurate. It reacts very sluggishly (no matter if I use timecode vinyl or phase) and I have very big issues beat matching. I have set the pitch quality to -2 in hopes to get a quicker response but it's just off no matter how I set it.

My Laptop has a 5800H, 16GB of Ram and VirtualDJ NEVER even uses more than 10% not even on a single core.

Thanks in advance!

geposted Tue 26 Sep 23 @ 1:35 pm
i would search out a firmware update for the laptop there have been issues with latency and ryzen motherboards on some laptops also you could run latencymon https://resplendence.com/downloads


geposted Tue 26 Sep 23 @ 2:23 pm
Laptop is on newest updates and also LatencyMon doesn't report any issues.

Also I'm not sure if this corelates to the pitchfader issue.

geposted Fri 29 Sep 23 @ 12:39 pm