DJ & Producer from Denmark..:)


DJHoeimark schreiben an Mon 04 May 15
N4 mapper coming for VDJ8..:)
djrxmx schreiben an Wed 25 Jun 14
Please make one of your great mappers for Numark N4 based on the new Virtual DJ 8. Please. (I really liked your VDJ 7 mapper for the Numark N4.)
vaquitamix schreiben an Sat 14 Dec 13
me gustaria tener tu mapping de n4 saludo venezuela
torea11 schreiben an Fri 24 Aug 12
Hi Guys! How are you? I have a doubt, there will be some kind person who can help me?
Well, is this. I can connect my turntable (AMERICAN AUDIO TTD 2400 USB) directly to the computer and play with them with the software Virtual Pro Full 7j D?
Also I have a mixer (BEHRINGER DJX750) but it has no USB connection.
Well that's all friends!

Thanks to all. Regards from Spain
simodjs schreiben an Mon 09 Jan 12
thnx mate :D
armin mc schreiben an Tue 15 Nov 11
Hahaha nice Avatar :D I like this picture ;)
DJHoeimark schreiben an Thu 30 Dec 10
Just bough the step-->Awsomeness---->Pro FUll :)