I started off as a bedroom DJ in 1988 and my first turntables were beltdrive and literally horrible. I then upgraded to 2 Tech 12's around 1990-1991 and noticed the difference in performance imediately. I would always tape YO MTV Raps and noticed that the DJ's in the rap videos all had the same turntables but did not know what turntables they were using?? In grade 10 we had a DJ at our dance using the same turntables in the YO MTV Raps videos and I politely asked him what brand they were. He told me and since then i decided to invest in Tech 12's with stanton needles. After highschool grad 92 I then got a job in a clothing store as a DJ in a mall and had lots of fun Djing there. Never did any real professional gig's though other than a houseparty for a friend. I decided to sell my tech...
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Podcast date 2016-09-04 19:13:09 My VirtualDJ Mix