I’ve been doing the damn thing since December 1983/January 1984, being a DJ that is... I started like most old school DJs using Technics 1200 and Numark mixers back in my beginnings but rolled with the times much to the dismay of my purist comrades in the business switching to CDs in 1992. In the 80’s it was vinyl (hence the 1200’s), the 90’s saw CD’s (I loved my old Denon) and now of course it’s digital baby!

My professional career (day job) took off and my moonlighting career of DJ/Entertainer took a backseat, but now that my main business (day job) is pretty much running itself now my interests in...


kermit6672 schreiben an Sun 06 Oct 13
i was looking at this post about your vms4.1 and you decided it was a computer issue. can i get the specs of that comp so i can decide if that could be why i, having latency issues in my head phones. thank you for your time
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Thu 15 Aug 13
Sorry brotha man, I don't look at my home page that often, best way is to PM me. Video problems usually have to do with the the computer you're using. It may not be powerful enough. Simply upgrading the video card may not be enough. What are the specs of your machine?


Keep Spinnin'!!
djspankk schreiben an Mon 22 Jul 13
i have a question. when i use my virtual dj video to mix the video starts to stutter and freeze WHEN I PRESS REC and when i un check the lil box saids USE HARDWARE ACCELERATION and i press rec it don't work so what i need to do to straighten this issue out i bought a new good video card and ram so what should i do djcel i been having this problem since couple months bro i see other ppl mixing videos and they don't have the same problem im having sir please help me i'm a member on virtual dj i bought this program here online.
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Tue 21 May 13
@ninovalentinosworld I don't use my MBP to run karaoke. As a matter of fact I don't run VDJ at all with my Mac. I have had too many issues. The mac setting with VDJ always seem to revert at random then I have to remember how to reconfigure the sound settings and it always seems to be on the day of a gig. That's why I only use very high-end PC computers or laptops designed for gaming because they have the best quality video and memory for running karaoke and/or music video mixing. I know there are a few guys who use their MBP to run all facets of VDJ but I'm content using mine with Serato and my gaming PC laptop for VDJ...


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ninovalentinosworld schreiben an Sun 19 May 13
Hey Bro! I have a question, I am new at the whole karaoke thing! I have a denon mc-6000 and Im using a mac book pro i7 I bought it 2012 new I have around 25 thousand songs on my western digital my passport hardrive. But when I try to load up
my karaoke files it takes up to 20 to 25 minutes to load and once I have loaded I have to stay in karaoke mode because If get out so I can dj regular mp3's then I would have to wait another 25 minutes to load again. Is there something in my laptop settings That I need to do? please advise thank you!
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Wed 17 Apr 13
Secretseven, thanks bro. I'm still doing them. I'm just limiting what I do for who. If the product is worthwhile I'll do a video. Getting paid is part of it now but the product has to be good and worthy otherwise I won't ruin my name by lying. Sell out, never!
secretseven schreiben an Fri 22 Mar 13
I miss all your youtube vids bud, keep spinnin'
maxdj3 schreiben an Sun 20 May 12
Hello ppl maybe is me that im not looking at the right place but i dont see any play list and i cant find a way to share mine either
jdelavega1014 schreiben an Wed 18 Apr 12
Hi DJRudedogg. I watched you youtube video titled Karaoke with virtual DJ explained and it was very helpful for me since I just started getting into the KJ scene. You are very thorough on your explanation and I thank you for that. I just want to ask you what kind of karaoke files can be played on virtual dj? Are they midis or mp4 and where can I buy or get those files. I also read a blog here in the website that you can not play midi with virtual dj. Also need to know how you hooked up the video for the lyrics to be shown on the LCD screen. Thank you and more power.
djluckyb schreiben an Fri 06 Apr 12
HI DJRudeDoGG You kindly offered a mic of disco music. I am having lots of problem trying to mix disco with VDJ. Its seems as so VDJ does not compute the BPM correctly. I have been a dj a very long time starting on vinyl for more years than I care to state. With turntables it was easy to manually adjust the pbm using the sliders. The sliders on VDJ have such a slow response time that I just ignore them and use VDJ to to all the work. Except when it comes to disco where I cannot for the life of me get two songs to match. So if I may ask. Have you experienced he same thing and if you did, were you able to find a work around. Thanks for the consideration. Cheers
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Thu 02 Feb 12
See you at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2012!!
djmixmistress schreiben an Mon 02 Jan 12
happy new year 2012 i hope that you had a nice christmas how is the djing going i hope well .
pseft schreiben an Sat 26 Nov 11
your welcome bro, and just reading ur last comment. i get that crackling noise as well, what i quickly do is open config and in sound setup, pess "apply" and crackling noise disappears.
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Fri 10 Jun 11
I get the crackling noises once in a while too. It used to be more common, but now it happens but very rarely. I'm not sure what causes it, it just seems to be anomalous behavior. Even with ASIO it can occur but I think ASIO is best...