DJ Advise
DJ Advise, or just call me Mauro!
I have been a Club and Mobile DJ since 1976. Yes am an old school DJ with common sense skills. I never claim to know everything, but I do claim to have over four decades in the DJ entertainment Industry. I have seen, and used many formats, and now I'm an exclusive Virtual DJ Pro user!
If you every need more info on why I feel this is the way to go, and why? Please feel free to ask me.
I have live in southern California since 1959.
One of my first Gig was at the Holiday Inn in Riverside, California back in 1976. You can never...


DJ Advise schreiben an Wed 06 Sep 17
Now that there is Facebook, It's hard to come by my homepage. :)
DJ Advise schreiben an Wed 29 Apr 15
So I'm posting once again! April 2015. Yes I have been very busy with others things in my life, but I need to get back to what I really love! Thanks to everyone that added me as your friend on VDJ :)
DJ Advise schreiben an Sat 17 May 14
I'm in Love with VDJ8! Thank you Team Atomix!!! :)
DJ Advise schreiben an Sat 03 May 14
I need to live off the grid one of these days? LOL :) Gonna stay the same DJRudeDoGG! You need to update that name? LOL :P "Peace Out!"
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Sat 26 Apr 14
UPDATE YOUR WALL DJ ADVISE!!!! VJ LUNA? VJ2Mauro sounds better lol ;)
destad schreiben an Sun 14 Oct 12
Can anyone explain being license? I am new and have been doing birthday partys and stag and does. 1 weding so far and 2 more planned for this year.
Billbwe schreiben an Sun 23 Sep 12
would check you out but your link does not work ?.
LPspinner schreiben an Thu 13 Sep 12
just stopping by
DJ Advise schreiben an Tue 21 Aug 12
It's been a while since my last post hope everyone is doing awesome :)
dj bernel schreiben an Tue 17 Jan 12
wish you all the best in 2012.... enjoy and have fun in the world of Djing.....
djmixmistress schreiben an Sun 11 Sep 11
hi there did you have a nice summer , great if you get back to me thanks
DJ Advise schreiben an Tue 02 Aug 11
Sorry, been under the weather, have not posted for a while! :(
awax5 schreiben an Mon 21 Mar 11
thanks for the add....