My name is Matthew Welcome to my profile, thanks for hopping in, feel free to Tour around, leave a message on the wall if possible Have fun.

Ok music is a very passionate hobby of mine.i started in the music business, back in 1989 when I first made my mobile disco. I have played for all kinds of people, so I am not a specialist in a specific type of music, I normally play what people like to hear and dance to.

Musical Preferred Style : - House - Dance - Club


DJReal NYC schreiben an Mon 16 Oct 17
Nice Setup Matt, I build Custom PC's For Music & Gaming and I have a Asrock Motherboard on one server and Gigabyte Motherboard on the other, Will be posting some of My Stuff soon, Much Respect DJReal NYC.
music234 schreiben an Wed 17 Sep 14
Hi Matt,
just want to say I'm glad to see you're back ;o)
veronica chonillo schreiben an Wed 14 Aug 13
Q TAL AMIGO MATEO SALUDOS me encantaría obtener su denon dn HD2500 piel PARA EL VIRTUAL
alambert0008 schreiben an Sun 26 May 13
I can't get mix lab 3.1 to work in 7.4 on mac... anyone one else?
wrightstill schreiben an Sun 10 Mar 13
DJ Format, I need a video skin for Virtual DJ for Mac. The skin I would like to continue using is VDJ4-Theme Video Skins
locatied in the skins section of Virtual DJ for Video. I have been using this skin for the pass 4 years and love it. I am trying a Mac for DJ-ing and would like the same skin for this computer as well. It is not available on this site in Mac. I am logged in under my partner for Virtual DJ. My name is Debbie and can be reached at I would love your assistance on this. I look forward to your reply. Thanks
Fashdey schreiben an Tue 29 May 12
Hey man, I really like the Mix Labs 3.1 especially because of the crossfader function in this one (The middle top with high/mid/low bars).

It helps me a lot when I only have keyboard to mix things, but I feel that it is missing in the new 4.0 version :'(

I look forward to any new versions especially if this bar is coming back :D!

If you have a paid version which has more features like the 4 decks and more + keeping a graphical access to that crossfader you have in the middle top of 3.1.
I repeat I would actually consider paying for that skin.

djnico20007 schreiben an Wed 21 Mar 12
por favor que se haga versiones separadas de 32 y 64bits, asi como hay de mac y pc, se podrian separar tambien para uso con 32bits y 64bits, para los que tienen hasta 4gb y hasta 8gb de ram, estariamos agrecidos, bote abajo el que me apoya, para que esto se tome en cuenta...
novadjs schreiben an Fri 16 Sep 11
Hey champ. i'm a big fan of Mix Labs 3.1. And can't wait for your 4 deck version of Mix Labs, could you make sure you make a version for the Mac please.
djsampamix schreiben an Sun 07 Aug 11
i cant wait to see ur ns6 skin!
wildcountryclub schreiben an Sat 06 Aug 11
still alive matt? worried about ya. drop us a line sometime.
djjimmylee schreiben an Thu 07 Apr 11
P.S. I have the same problem with the Mix Lab RMX skin as I use a Hercules RMX.
djjimmylee schreiben an Thu 07 Apr 11
Hey matthew. I love your skins and ALL of my DJ mates & I use MixLab v3.1. Most customers who see I'm using Virtual DJ say that's what they use too! Unfortunately, I just bought a new laptop with 64bit Windows 7 o/s but cannot download any of your skins and I am in no way advanced enough to have a clue what to do with a beta version!

The message I keep getting is Software not found. You must install the software first. Please check on for more informations. Sadly, I can't seem to find any answers. Your help would be very much appreciated as you produce simply the best, most striking, most user friendly skins of the lot.


jhendric schreiben an Mon 07 Mar 11
Hi DJ Format,
As I read in the Numark section of the skins forum I read that you are working on a nice skin especcialy for the Numark Mixtrack (pro). Is there already a beta version available? I'm still searching for the perfect skin for me but until now I didn't find it. ;-) - This is your chance
I also would like to create one but the MAC version of the creation tool is outdated and doesn't work anymore :-( So you are my last hope!

Thanks in advance and cheers.
imbriang schreiben an Mon 31 Jan 11
would love to get your denon dn hd2500 skin. what the process? thanks