DJ E-Double a.k.a Ichiban DJ hailing from Baltimore, Maryland has been involved with music for longer than he can remember, but began to take a serious interest in it around the age of 13 which migrated into DJ'n house partys and neighborhood functions. Fast forwarding a bit, he decided to really get on his mix tape grind back in 1997 which help set the stage for the beginning of what'z now known to the world today as DangerousMindz Entertainment L.L.C (D.M.E). DJ E-Double has held several different residencies in night clubs throughout Japan and Hawaii. He's also had the priviledge to play venues in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand and Russia to name just a few. Now residing in the beautiful island state of Hawaii his goal will be to expand and broaden the market and of...


DME-CEO schreiben an Sun 20 Feb 11
@tayla, no worries and thanx for the assistance, much appreciated.
tayla schreiben an Sun 20 Feb 11
Hey, thanks for the add mate...
DME-CEO schreiben an Thu 17 Feb 11
@islanboy, you know it! SasaVegas! :)
islanboy schreiben an Thu 17 Feb 11
@DME-CEO; nothing like Sasebo!! ;)
slimcox1 schreiben an Mon 14 Feb 11
Big up to you my youth
DME-CEO schreiben an Sun 13 Feb 11
@slimcox1, thank you for coming through and stay safe out there!
slimcox1 schreiben an Sun 13 Feb 11
Thanks for the friend add big up yuhself