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 Any Advice ??

Tue 27 Jun 17 @ 9:15 am

Not sure what to expect out of this but , my question kind of makes sense. ! I have been a DJ for a long time and never reached this level, I mean different people, bigger clubs, and I haven't gotten rid of the nervousness to present myself and make things happen in my favor. I am trying every route suggested and not sure where I am at this point. Image is so important and I am every bit of who I claim to be , but do I have to go outside the box and except the fans as they come or go out and increase the dedicated to favor my style of play.

Here is what I have :

1. Club Owner's Demo Cd ( Mixtape on cd with a couple transitions to display skill)
2. Business Cards
3. Flyers
4. Pioneer DDJ SB2 ( Virtual DJ 8 Pro) and equipment for Mobile Setup or plug in play
5. Mixtapes (New Releases, Hip Hop, R&B , Old School Rap and R&B)
6. Website
7. Online Radio Stream

I feel I am moving in the right step but the industry is huge and there are a lot of DJ's , so how do I stand out? What must I do to accomplish this. Blending is my technique , but not so much scratching only during a few transitions , I use effects that juggle the track and I use my voice and DJ drops from big artist or upcoming artist to help promote them in my sets.
With all this from start to finish , I still feel like I have only moved one space forward !