Old School around the way DJ...Started DJing in 1985. Growing up in Queens NY having friends that actually made a mark in hip-hop music. I found myself around djs like Dj Red-Alert, Dj Jam Master Jay, Dj Rocking Rod, Dj Eddie F and the like. I actually Found My First Pair of turntables in the first floor garbage room in my building. A Pair of direct drive Kenwoods. Pick them joints up cause i had to see if the worked at all... Plugged them in and the turntable just started jerking back and forth i was like about to throw them back out, i pulled the plate off just looking at it and saw a switch, so i fliped it put the plate back on...BAMMMM smooth rotation did the same thing to the other one YYYEEEaaaahhhh Boy, My HomeBoy DJ Slice..from finese and synquis give me a Little...

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DjEddieA510 schreiben an Tue 12 Aug 14
Yo DjRatedXXX919,
I noiticed on the "Timecode Issue" Blog/ Forum that you put up a Skin You currently use on VDJ 8 and was interested to which setting I use or click on to get the Scratch waveforms that way (Vertical). I already downloaded that skin but can't seem to find the setting when I click on browser mode. Any help would be appreciated!. Thanks!, Eddie A
Djratedxxx919 schreiben an Tue 04 Feb 14
what up fellas yeah @bossplaya same type of background. @Feliciano21 i had some dns3000s but the platter was spinning at 45rpm. Played with 3500s loved them but went with a controller when i was looking to lighten my load. !200s packed awat until next month when i get my Voxoa mixer.
Feliciano21 schreiben an Sat 25 May 13
Started out with a pair of SL D2's and a Pyramid mixer in 84'. Born and raised in BedStuy. Left BKLYN in 87' to join the military. Always had that music in me so I was itching for a pair of 1200's, picked up a pair in 98, sold them. Picked up another pair in '05(still got them) then got into the CDJ scene with the Denon 3500's, 3700's and now the 3900's which are awesome. Coming from the table side you would appreciate the feel of these decks...
Didn't mean to hijack your home page brah. Much love, keep the music play'n. Peace!!
bossplaya schreiben an Tue 12 Feb 13
Man... Our background story sounds SO familiar! I started cutting hair and DJing in '83. I started with 2 Radio Shack turntables and a Radio Shack mixer. I was a professional hairstylist from '91 until 2006 (Retired. Changed careers into Information Technology field. I never stopped DJing though! I started up my own Mobile DJ service in 2003 after giving up on dealing with crooked nightclub owners and "who you know" politics at the radio station (Power 98FM, long story).

Anyway, Glad to know that you are back in the game. If that's your first love, don't ever give up on it!