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I have been programming computers forever it seems. I have done this for several companies in the past and did well, but then came the dot com crash in the late 90's. I got tired of the ups and downs and decided to go it alone about 10 years ago. How hard could it be anyway? Very hard I found out quickly. All of sudden I don't have the normal support group behind me. For the TellyMedia and...

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thaflavamusic schreiben an Thu 14 Jul 16
Does This work for Mac?
adrianelcani schreiben an Sun 14 Jun 15
Hola, existe pluging Tellymedia para mac? seria MUY importante.
Hello, THERE Tellymedia paragraph mac plugin ? It would be very important.
Don Moir schreiben an Mon 16 Mar 15
Essential Visuals and Essential Media have been essentially discontinued. The new products are TellyVisuals and TellyMedia. These are available as addons and plus versions. Any questions about these should be directed to me.

The website for TellyMedia and TellyVisuals is here:
StylesQ schreiben an Fri 13 Feb 15
Hi, in follow up to the question about looping mp4 video's, I just made a short 5 second one and it still won't reloop. Are there any special parameters that a video must have before it will reloop?
StylesQ schreiben an Fri 13 Feb 15
Hi, is there a time limit on the length that a mp4 video can be? I have some mp4's and they play once but don't reloop, even though I have it set to continuous loop. I have other mp4's, and they loop fine. I've tried to convert the longer ones that don't loop to other formats such as avi, mov etc - still they won't reloop after the first play.
Mr_T schreiben an Tue 23 Oct 12
Hello, i like a Pangolin Lasershow Plugin for Virtual DJ ;-)
My idea, visuel effects... for example a wedding show with sync Music or dancers dancing to the beat with the same bpm and the Music on Virtual DJ.
Of course the user need a Dongle hardware to export the grafic... ;-)
DJBoguy schreiben an Wed 25 Jul 12
Hi Don,
I've changed my computer recently and therefor, I can't use MediaEssentials with my licence. Is that normal and do I have to rebuy another licence? I've bought the first one within 3 months or 4.
Don Moir schreiben an Sat 19 Nov 11
Once you purchase the product, the banner will disappear
xdjpro schreiben an Wed 17 Aug 11
how do i get the big banner that keep flashing off the screen???