Club DJ - Grew up with alot of Dj's in my days. I use to break in the early 80's, and had the privledge of meeting lots of people . Some up and coming people as well as many celebrities.

Weird though, I never really got into the Djin aspect of it. I was to busy chasing da females I guess...........LOL!

Anyway, it was'nt till about 5 years ago , I just loved music so much that I started to play da decks. Especially, after I realized that I had so much music to mess with Disco, House, Garage,...


MCJULI schreiben an Tue 07 Apr 09
Hi, i add you on my friends list :)
by McJuli
vj angelo schreiben an Thu 08 Jan 09
Thanks for add:-)
by Vj Angelo
=>> Musica Per I Vostri Occhi <<=
TearEmUp schreiben an Fri 26 Dec 08
Thanks for the add!!!
djchris73 schreiben an Wed 24 Sep 08
House Music forever!
djchris73 schreiben an Wed 24 Sep 08
Nice home setup. Send me your e-mail address and send you some of the stuff I've been working on in...