Atomix Productions Support Manager.


user18250516 schreiben an Wed 08 Aug 18
buenos dias amigo x error desinstalar mi virual dj wego original que me vino cuando compre el controlador y a hora no puedo usarlo e ido a la pagina y e descargado con el codigo y igual no funciona espero alguiqn me ayude a arreglargo ya que el disco se me perdio muchas grasia espero sus ayuda es es mi correo djrick_83_10@hotmail.com
DJ Rick schreiben an Sat 03 Dec 16
Hi Homeboy! I hope you are doing well.
DJ Coco schreiben an Sat 05 Sep 15
Hello my old friend
alexis narvaez schreiben an Tue 19 May 15
hello friend that I would like if possible to edit the sample introduction for videos and how it could do so thanks . dj intro video
phil'sharmonics schreiben an Sat 11 Apr 15
In the forum you state that to change my credit card info I should go to http://cardquery.com. I have done that and found the link to change my credit card info, but it takes me to an Order Search page...nothing to do with changing my credit card info. I contacted CardQuery, and they told me I have to set my browser to accept cookies which it is set for already....still no good. Can you give me any ideas? My subscription expires this Monday, and my credit card info won't work. I don't want to have my subscription expire.
ActionDJ schreiben an Sat 14 Mar 15
Hey Homeboy, I was hoping you could give me a hand. You said that you are using Virtual DJ8 with Denon MC6000. Can you tell me what your config settings and deck settings are? I am getting everything except the headphones cue working. Drivers and Firmware are updated.
DJ Rick schreiben an Sat 24 Jan 15
Hey Chris, hunt me down on facebook. Rick Daring . I want to catch up a bit and get your thoughts on controllers.
Liamalone schreiben an Fri 10 Jan 14
G'day! I was just looking about trying to find out when I first bought Atomix and came across forum threads from '02, then I recalled the great help You gave me at that time on various issues. Thought I'd say hello lol. Keep 'er lit!!
DJ ANGEL S schreiben an Mon 22 Jul 13
What's Up Homeboy. Do you have any full Dj expo passes. I could use one.
thank you
trip_likeido schreiben an Mon 12 Dec 11
wait ... is this the DJ Homeboy from leamington ??!!
sickofitall schreiben an Wed 09 Nov 11
Reminder: Call me after 1pm [your time] today [wed] thank you!
sickofitall schreiben an Mon 15 Aug 11
Yo! Looking good baby boy.....looking good!
sickofitall schreiben an Sun 24 Jul 11
Deejay Corny schreiben an Mon 13 Jun 11
Hi there DJ HOMEBOY! I've added you to my friends, because anyone from Atomix Productions, anyone involved in making and improving Virtual DJ is my friend! Thank you for bringing us such a nice software.
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Wed 04 May 11
Thanks for the add Homie!