APC40 Definition and Map Template

For all users of the APC40, my updated APC40v2 Definition and Map can be found on the media page of my website as donationware.

ReThink´s Freunde



tycoonentertainmentcanada schreiben an Tue 11 Mar 14
did you still need the help with the apc? I just mapped a apc 80..
Dj Space Cookie schreiben an Tue 31 Jan 12
Hey bro can you send me the apc40 mapper please, i don't have any money to pay for your stuff.
djsax007 schreiben an Mon 19 Sep 11
can u email me the mapper for de apc40 plz :(
conspired schreiben an Thu 16 Dec 10
Hey ReThink ... What's up? Just made you a friend. Thanks for staying in there with me with VDJScrpting. :)
djdad schreiben an Thu 28 Oct 10
Thanks for the add. Wow, am i the first to post toyour wall ? Hope it will be a good start Also glad to have you in my friend list.