Mobile D.J. and product specialist for the Hercules D.J. Console series.


djdaddydizzle schreiben an Thu 04 Mar 10
Whats up man I spin on Hercules RMX i think it was one of the greatest things invented I swear I take that thing everywhere. Hope I check you guys out next NAMM SHOW
DJ ABART schreiben an Thu 15 Jan 09
Hy, can you add me?
djstaffy schreiben an Sat 22 Nov 08
steve just got my rmx and set it up.hoe do i use my ipod as a back up.also what is the best connections from my rmx to my amp thanks in advance
DJ Binky schreiben an Wed 12 Nov 08
Hey, Steve. Big fan of you in those videos. You're such a cool guy. Big up to you!
djstaffy schreiben an Wed 12 Nov 08
cmon steve give us a bit of info lol.thanks for your help mate
jimmy b schreiben an Mon 08 Sep 08
May I be the first to write on your nice virgin wall, lol