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WEZZYRADIOSHOW's gespielten Sets

 Mon 12th Mar 2018Mon 12th Mar 2018
 Wed 7th Mar 2018Wed 7th Mar 2018
 Summer madness statusThu 17th Aug 2017
 Mon 14th Aug 2017Mon 14th Aug 2017
 Sat 12th Aug 2017Sat 12th Aug 2017
 Smoove hip hop & r&bMon 24th Jul 2017
 Mon 19th Jun 2017Mon 19th Jun 2017
 Sun 18th Jun 2017Sun 18th Jun 2017
 Sun 18th Jun 2017Sun 18th Jun 2017
 Sat 17th Jun 2017Sat 17th Jun 2017
 Best of 2pacFri 16th Jun 2017
 Wed 19th Apr 2017Wed 19th Apr 2017
 Sat 15th Apr 2017Sat 15th Apr 2017
 HIP HOP & R&BFri 14th Apr 2017
 UP 2 DATE UR BRAINSat 8th Apr 2017
 OLD SCHOOL HIP HOPWed 5th Apr 2017
 MY R&BSun 26th Mar 2017
 UP2DATE UR BRAINWed 8th Mar 2017
 MY R&BTue 7th Feb 2017
 MY R&BMon 6th Feb 2017
 MY REGGAESun 5th Feb 2017
 UP2 DATE UR BRAINFri 3rd Feb 2017
 MY R&BTue 31st Jan 2017