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DJSoulman schreiben an Wed 03 May 17
I have an MC6000 Mk1 'retired' since July last year. Faders on channel 1 & 3 need resoldering. Both PLAY buttons need their micro switches replaced, I ended up starting the decks from the CUE1 buttons. I bought an MC6000 Mk2 as a replacement. Send me a message if you're interested (I'm in the North East of the UK).
tayla schreiben an Tue 19 Jan 16
Thanks for the add
1silverado schreiben an Fri 11 Sep 15
hey Bigron1 i don't know if you make digital calls but i can't get my sampling to work at all like on the youtube video'sssssss. 2543384264 DJ RED
MrJackson2014 schreiben an Mon 07 Sep 15
Hello Ron what's up? Any interesting scripting done lately? Cheers!
thetracker510 schreiben an Tue 11 Aug 15
thanks for the Add bro!
the SOUND INSURGENT schreiben an Tue 28 Jul 15
Thanks for the add bro!! Love chatting it up with ya 👍