philgaitan schreiben an Sat 02 Sep 17
Denny I am on the Mac Version when I change a skin like from a dark to white I get a big black box that shows up not sure what this is also happens sometimes when I push the skin 2 button at the top right
djsampamix schreiben an Thu 10 Aug 17
theres a bug in the skin controller Hd when you select view loops instead of cues the information of the 4 remaiining cues doesnt show on the screen on deck A
dwain schreiben an Tue 06 Jun 17
Anyone know how to control the sample volume. in other words is there a way to map it to a button? thanks
dwain schreiben an Fri 26 May 17
anyone know if Danny still around
dwain schreiben an Thu 25 May 17
Hi Danny,
Can i use this skin on any controller? i have a mixdeck. Thanks
user9926939 schreiben an Fri 12 May 17
Hello Denny F, I wanted to see If I could download the "White skin" you created.. Thank you, David
edout schreiben an Fri 30 Dec 16
Hello denny. I am pleased to work with your skin. Should it be possible to see in the Waveform and when we are in Automatic, the 2 Waves which are starting to fade ?. I mean to see the 2 superposed Waves sarting to mix each other? . Or a button to open a window to do this?. Like an wave editor, where we could program the fade before the first ending wave(even to make this fade between the first wav is playing?). Thanks and let me know on: belange40@hotmail.fr. Bye
BlasDjMix schreiben an Wed 26 Oct 16
I really want to have it
djrbreezy schreiben an Tue 16 Aug 16
hi bro thanks for the wonderful skin!!! Is there any way to make a updated one with pads for 8.2??? That would be great.
LongT schreiben an Fri 10 Jun 16
hey Dennyo, ich feier deine Skins. Leider finde ich den VDJ 8 Controller nirgends mehr :(. Könntest du mir diesen zukommen lassen? Würd mich freuen. Grüße
elpism schreiben an Wed 30 Mar 16
Hi Den, i use your skin for a year and i'm very pleased. But now i have a problem with the waveform. 3 months ago started a tremor in the waveform. I work with MacBook 13'' and Pioneer SX-2. But the same problem exist in my laptop and my PC that work with windows.Can i do something for that? Thank you for your time..
djoneseven schreiben an Thu 17 Mar 16
Den, your skin is by far the best one. I'm able to have more room and it looks great. The only thing I noticed is that after an upgrade from VDJ, the skin lost it's 0 - + settings on the skin which would allow me to reset the bpm to 0. I put a post on the Denyo skin forum but I did not get an answer. Any help would be great - is there way we can donate money to your hard work?
DJ Bertie schreiben an Wed 30 Sep 15
Hey your 'controller by DennYo' skin has a problem. You can't successfully drop songs into virtual playlists unless you hold the track of the folder for a few seconds. You have to wait for the 'drop to X folder' label to show up, instead of the function allowing the drop when the folder is highlighted with the song. If you don't get what I'm saying I could show you via screen share. Thanks,
rams1884 schreiben an Mon 09 Mar 15
Hi Den, Thanks loads for your fantastic new skin. Can you tell me where the mic button is so i can record through a mic on vdj8. On other vdj8 skins you do it through the master section but kind find that on your skin.

Thanks loads, Will.