Well my name is Brian and I am from Ohio. I VJ 3 nights a week in a large 42 lane bowling center. We have 6 over 120" big screens as well as Plasmas and regular TV's. I am also the Light and Sound manager for our chain of 7 centers here in Ohio which includes one of the USAs largest Inline center at 96 lanes with no divides, walls, or anything else.

I started using VDJ when I got tired of using 2 300 disc DVD players and thought there has to be an easier way. Well there was and that was VDJ 3.0. I have been a very Happy and Grateful user.


ronny582 schreiben an Wed 22 Oct 14
Hello neighbor!
thetracker510 schreiben an Sun 11 Nov 12
Hey Brian,still monkeing around?..had to double check ur pic...
DJRUFFCUTS schreiben an Tue 17 Jan 12
do you have the knobs working with the evolution x-session? if so would you share your mapping with me? djruffcuts@comcast.net thx in advance.
paulettecerra schreiben an Mon 26 Sep 11
hey man how is it going.. looking into building a mac for my touch screen.. is it easy or not a good idea..
dJ_ro_(ecu) schreiben an Sun 16 Jan 11
A;adido a mi lista de amigos...
b1shop schreiben an Wed 17 Feb 10
Hey I saw you are using Firetext and I'm considering the same. I've installed the trial version but I'm having trouble getting it to run right. The app starts and the display output is good. I'm having issues getting my blackberry on it. ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Caliente123 schreiben an Sun 15 Nov 09
Whats Up Brian.. Passing by your page to say " Whats Up "
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Fri 26 Jun 09
Thanks for the add!
Thumbsucker schreiben an Wed 24 Jun 09
Hi there, I've been following your attempted help with Ray and his ripping of karaoke DVD's - I suspect this one might take a while.

As a moderator, I'm wanting to know if you can help with how I can get the icons attached to my profile for a Total Control and an Omni Control - I've tried putting the serial numbers provided with both the hardware and the software in the boxes but they ain't taking it. Any polite nudges from your direction would be most appreciated. Cheers, all the best...

And for our non-English speaking visitors, maybe I shouldn't have used such long words. Oops, my bad...
DjMorpheo22 schreiben an Sun 26 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ! ;-)

Bye ! Morpheo
tayla schreiben an Fri 24 Apr 09
hi brian what am i supposed to click on... lol
armin mc schreiben an Mon 20 Apr 09
Thanks for add Brian :o)
A Man and His Music schreiben an Mon 23 Mar 09
Brian, thanks for the add. just stopping in to say "What's up"
MCJULI schreiben an Sun 22 Feb 09
Hi, i add you