Born in 1969, Paul Rust began to interest in dj engineering in 1983.
In 1986, with two friends, founded the "Sundance" and produced "Washicou", a single distributed by "Discomagic", first disco label in Italy in the Eighties.
At the same time, he started working as a sound engineer for live events deepening, thus, his knowledge of sound dynamics.
In 2004 he concluded contracts with the "N 'Joy Management Agency" and the "Dark Motive Records", american independent label, producing two tracks sold at major portals selling music online.
Since 2005, Paul Rust performed live dj-set around the world, like at "Downunder" in Parma...


vj angelo schreiben an Thu 25 Dec 08
Buon Natale:))
Merry Christmas :))
djangels schreiben an Thu 23 Oct 08
I m great and u ? :)
dj joe scrumble schreiben an Mon 06 Oct 08
Ciao Ease, un salutone dal Friuli!!!! Mandi Bye Joe ;-)
kheyo schreiben an Wed 24 Sep 08
pwet pwet ! Ive seen Maromax in Paris cause he came for the Techno Parade we spent good times and had discuss about U sweety ! Bye have a nice day !
TearEmUp schreiben an Tue 02 Sep 08
Thanks for the friend request....nice seeing you again.. ;-)