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I am a 30 year old Producer and DJ from Knoxville, TN. Although I primarily DJ and love to incorperate live sequencing, sampling, and actually playing my drum machines and using my synths and effects on the fly, I also have been producing music more in the past few years than any other time since falling in love with music as a child & expanding my love and passion for music with hip-hop and many different genres of electronic music. My current production setup includes my Korg Synth and Midi keyboard, Akai AMX 8, and I step-sequence with them thru my old school Alesis SR-16.Primarily producing using Ableton Live 9, Maschine, Massive, Reaktor 5&6 (with Razor, Absynth, etc inside Reaktor) Komplete 9 Production Suite, and running OZONE 5 for most mastering. Djing, I am currently...


thetracker510 schreiben an Fri 05 Feb 16
Hi,thanks for da add...
tayla schreiben an Tue 19 Jan 16
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macsly schreiben an Thu 06 Nov 14
did you get the .als file to rewire vdj with ableton...I really would want it myself is dead