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lamdjvj1967 schreiben an Wed 05 Feb 14
Why Registry Tool v4.3.0.1 not see a midi in mac computer?
rob12345 schreiben an Wed 25 Dec 13
Hi there

Any chance i could test v8 please as i have hecules RMX setup that many people have and would like to give you feed back on performance and any possible tweeks?

let me know a.s.a.p.


djspankk schreiben an Mon 22 Jul 13
anyone out there can help a bro out. i have a question. when i use my virtual dj video to mix the video starts to stutter and freeze WHEN I PRESS REC and when i un check the lil box saids USE HARDWARE ACCELERATION and i press rec it don't work so what i need to do to straighten this issue out i bought a new good video card and ram so what should i do djcel i been having this problem since couple months bro i see other ppl mixing videos and they don't have the same problem im having sir please help me i'm a member on virtual dj i bought this program here online.
asylek740 schreiben an Tue 18 Dec 12
hello i need Text for Mac full....where buy??
Haui70 schreiben an Sat 24 Nov 12
What a please :-) Thx!
kikifly schreiben an Fri 16 Nov 12
how to show messages on mac using virtual dj pro
djronburgundy schreiben an Tue 10 Jul 12
I'm having problems getting the show logo to work in vdj pro 7.5 with a pc running vista. Can you help?
Deejay Corny schreiben an Thu 05 Jan 12
Happy New Year!
sickofitall schreiben an Mon 15 Aug 11
Your input and contribuion the the VDJ world will never go unnoticed! I have enjoyed what you post available to use to better our performances! Thanks Cel
michel franck schreiben an Sun 14 Aug 11
je vient de t'ajouter a ma liste
Deejay Corny schreiben an Sat 11 Jun 11
Hi DJCel! I've added you to my friends, in appreciation of your inmense contribution to the VDJ community with all those wonderful plugins! Thank you very much!
michel franck schreiben an Sat 28 May 11
je t'ai ajouter a ma liste d'amis
gregcrammond schreiben an Sun 13 Feb 11
I was inquiring if you have or could create a scrolling text effect so i could display messages over my music videos. the problem is i have a mac and there are none for mac.
I could pay you for this
gregcrammond schreiben an Sun 21 Feb 10
Hi mate , you posted a reply to a request i had to buy a few effects/transitions for a mac version and you said you might have a text one you are working on. ?
If so i would be very interested in getting that when finished and any other effects or transitions for the mac version you might have that are not currently on the site for macs. Would be willing to pay good money , cheers Greg
thetracker510 schreiben an Fri 22 Jan 10
Go Virtual!!!