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A lil bout me...
Born -N- Raised in N.Y.C. Grew up in Da Bronx, Edenwald Projects. Been doin dis music thing since I can remember. Started as a rapper who could dj and grew to be a dj who can ROCK DA SHIT out a party. Did a lil radio in N.Y.C. Did a lil Radio here on Virtual DJ Radio. Did park Jamz (for all ya old heads who remember the Jams out in da parks) did a few clubs in N.Y.C (The Tunnel, The Funhouse, Latin Quarters, Red Parrot, etc etc etc) Moved to da D.C. Metro area and have been "ROCKIN" parties,...


DJReal NYC schreiben an Mon 23 Oct 17
Those JBL SUBS Are No Joke, I Know!!! Much Respect DJReal NYC
junegales schreiben an Mon 08 Dec 14
Accomplished Record player I have a large knowledge of different genre. mix's of genre from 1960 to now. R&B_Country_Rock_Blues_House_Pop_Soul_Rap.
Check Me Out Sometime You Will Never know. You Just might get Hook on June Gales.
dj rozqui schreiben an Wed 11 Sep 13
just want to say hi! what's up? it's been a long time....
dj lazy dogg schreiben an Wed 17 Jul 13
thats what up
djinfuze schreiben an Sun 26 Aug 12
Hey DJCITY, I had saw in the forum that you resolved a problem you were having with an error message "error in the video driver". Do you mind telling me how it was you resolved this? I am having trouble. Thanks buddy. Feel free to send me an email @
jrwalliss schreiben an Wed 22 Feb 12
oh i use timecode cd's
jrwalliss schreiben an Wed 22 Feb 12
hi there i picked up off a blog site that you upgraded from a maya 44 to the native audio 4 soundcard, im thinking of doing the same. is it worth the change


john walliss
tlawyer schreiben an Mon 09 Jan 12
Yo DJ you EV 2? Graduated in 76 man. Yo grew up on 217th Between Broxwood and Paulding aves.
Deejay Corny schreiben an Thu 05 Jan 12
Deejay Corny schreiben an Sun 18 Dec 11
Thanks for your selfless support and advice! You've got another friend.
DJECoast schreiben an Sun 05 Jun 11
Give me a call about the NS7 & Mac, I can walk you through my settings.... Peace!
coach k schreiben an Tue 08 Feb 11
Good to see someone from my hometown on here! BIG UP's Fam!
Seana23 schreiben an Sun 06 Feb 11
Hi babe, i'ze friended you cos you wrote a FAB review ov one ov my mixes... Thank you sooo much. XXXSeanaXXX
slimcox1 schreiben an Tue 25 Jan 11
Thanks for the add
SuperAceMan schreiben an Fri 21 Jan 11
THE PARTY IS NOT OVER!!! Love the vids of your New Years Gig! Cheers on keeping it real!