The Return of DJ Da BomB 2018, coming soon ( No Tricks or gimmicks, just Straight up mixin')

When did I first start spinning? : During the year of 1997 in Charlotte, NC

How old am I? : I'll be 33 years old as of November 14th 2009 ( Born 11-14-1976 )

What is your favorite genre of music? : Disco-House

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djdabomb schreiben an Mon 21 May 18
The Return of DJ Da BomB 2018 coming soon No Tricks or gimmicks just Straight up mixin
creati0n schreiben an Fri 14 May 10
11.14.73 !! N!CE M!X !!
simodjs schreiben an Fri 27 Nov 09
audio000 schreiben an Sat 20 Jun 09
djdabomb hello man
DJ SINCLAIR schreiben an Fri 05 Jun 09
Hi , Beautiful Page ;)
Thank's for add man
djdabomb schreiben an Thu 04 Dec 08
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