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My name is Babis Rigopoulos and live in sunny Greece with my wife and son. I studied Electrical Engineering at the EMP University of Athens. An amateur dj and i intend to keep it this way. I love music, as we all do, but its hard to find the place to play the music i like. Requests is my nightmare.

 Skin Acropolis Ver 1.0

Mon 03 Aug 09 @ 3:30 pm

A very "simple" skin based on a large browser (that is what we need). Compartible with VDJ ver 6.0.1 at 1400X900 & 1280X800.

Available here ..

You may see the Parthenon (Acropolis) as browser background. It's a symbol for us, the Greek people, and we give our fight so that several marbles of Parthenon may return home, where they belong. The British museum claimed that there was no proper place (museum) in Athens so they keep them safe and well kept. But since May of 2009 Athens has proudly built a brand new Acropolis Museum fully organized and modern with all the facilities, so we are able now to receive what it's our culture belonging. It's not an ethnic voice. It's a culture right.

**Tips for the skin***
a.There is a double pannel (Pitch-Key) pressing those 2 buttons.
b. Press V for video pannels (3 of them) and A for audio pannels.
c. Right click on the cues to set cues.
d. There is a EQ crossfader section, which you don't usually see neither on skins nor on audio mixers of the market anymore.
e. Balance for decks 1 and 2 are not working because VDJ does not support those actions.
f. Click on the textzones (title, remain, pitch, bpm etc) to change colours.

Soon an update with some missing spots (rec sample, loop sample etc).

Thanks for reading.
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