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My name is Babis Rigopoulos and live in sunny Greece with my wife and son. I studied Electrical Engineering at the EMP University of Athens. An amateur dj and i intend to keep it this way. I love music, as we all do, but its hard to find the place to play the music i like. Requests is my nightmare.

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tonys party time schreiben an Thu 02 Aug 18
Hi Sr. I was just hopeing you could help with some mapping? you wrote: (The upper TRS section of the DJ-808 can be mapped to whatever VDJ actions you want, but not the 16 multi-color plastic buttons that show/control the TRS pattern. Those are working in hardware mode and cannot be mapped.) I have read (Press one of the [BD]–[OH] buttons to select the instrument that you want to record.If samples are saved in the Serato DJ sample player, a sample selected by the [1]–[8] buttons can be used as an instrument. By holding down the [SHIFT] button and pressing a [1]–[4] button, you can switch between banks A–D of the sample player.)
I have read this but I can not get it to work CAN YOU PLEASE HELP
1djbillboy schreiben an Mon 25 Jun 18
Hello this is Dj BillBoy, having noise issues. I have tried all the fixes that was suggested by the Virtual Dj team,, and still have the same issues. this laptop is brand new and is specked out very well. the only ting I can think of that it is (VR ready) not sure if that is causing the issue. I even purchased a new DDJj-SZ2, and still the same issue. I will be picking this laptop up today it was getting some things done with the power supply and were you plug the power supply in. I would like to know if you have any solutions for this fix.
PangolinPlugins schreiben an Mon 04 Jun 18
We'd like to remove our Essential Visuals plugin from the list of plugins in the download site. Essential Visuals is replaced by Don Moir's Telly Visuals plugin, and the associated IMU software requires modems that are no longer available (and also broken by the latest Microsoft Windows 10 "update")...
JOHN187 schreiben an Tue 27 Mar 18
Anybody working on a skin and mapping for Pioneer DDJ SB3
user15611181 schreiben an Thu 08 Mar 18
Mixtrack 2. Need a skin if anyone knows where I can find one.
djryanbeck schreiben an Thu 01 Mar 18
HI, Have the reloop team found a solution to the updd problem. I need to know asap because i just bought it and i need to do my shows and this is stopping me so please get back to me. I would be forever grateful.
Dj Ryan Beck
DJ Ruffstuff schreiben an Sat 03 Feb 18
Hi djdad, are there any further ways to calibrate my settings for timecode please ? Using asus dual core I5 pc with 6gb ram, SD Harddrive, 2 x Numark NTX1000 Professional turntables, an AKAI AMX mixer and Ortofon concorde DJ S needle with Serato timecode VINYL thanks , AM GETTING FLUCTUATIONS IN bpm, one instance where deck 2 suddenly went into hyperspeed and sounded like a chipmunk , both decks fluctuate almost constantly, seems worse whhen I am mixing tracks, played one track and it played almost all the way through without changing until the break in the track when it went from 85.05 to 85.10 and back and forth, then back to a solid stable 85.05 when it came back to the beats, so it isn't the decks not being constant speed. thanks a lot :o)
Welsh Dj Mad Al schreiben an Fri 29 Dec 17
What s the latest build for Beta as i'm still on b3994
loutsiakos schreiben an Wed 20 Dec 17
gia sou babi exo k ego provlhma me thn a.a. vms5 se windows mporeis se parakalo na me vohtheishs?euxaristo ek ton proteron!
barlasagra schreiben an Wed 13 Sep 17
hola, soy novato en virtual, y estoy perdido.
tengo una controladora hercules universal dj, y la e registrado en virtual dj, al cargar el programa, se me bloquea, se me desconecta, y conecta cada dos por tres la controladora, con el ruidito de windows de cuando se desconecta y conecta un usb.. podria alguien ayudarme??
user9482357 schreiben an Sat 29 Jul 17
i have a american audio but from my controller input where i connect headphones theres no sound coming out im lost i callled everywhere i dont get a anwer please help
Dj_Lola_Milano schreiben an Thu 20 Jul 17
hallo! I kindly ask you an help.... I got a DJ CONSOLLE MK4 bought some years ago, and now i got a new pc with Windows 10, the old program didn't work so I've downloaded the updated Virtual Dj for Windows 10, but the problem is that my consolle doesn't work with the programme anymore... i can't use it... somebody can hel me please? :) thank ou
StylesQ schreiben an Thu 29 Jun 17
Hi, can anyone help with this:? Anyone using the Multi-touchscreen skin by djDad? I can't get the large round Master Volume knob to work (It's located above the Siren pad) in the upper center of the screen. Thx
michaelhawkins1 schreiben an Wed 21 Jun 17
Dear Djdad, I've been doing this DJ thing since 1978 and have truly been blessed. I notice that you seem to have a good understanding of the skins. I mainly play karaoke shows but do several weddings and events through out the year. I have been very happy with V-mix 5.3 for many years, it allows me to operate using simple keyboard controls and gives me three video windows (to preview the upcoming songs) It also has the simple play/pause, cue , stop, sync buttons. Could you please give me some guidance as I am trying to advance to the VDJ 8 so I can actually use my content unlimited subscription (it doesn't work with 7.4 anymore. Thanks for anything you can do. sincerely Michael