djnice :o)


djsampamix schreiben an Thu 06 Sep 18
can you add beat grid to the scratchwaves to your skin?
vlnjacki schreiben an Fri 02 Mar 18
danke für deinen skin
ELIAS Admasu schreiben an Wed 26 Jul 17
Hi there thank you for the skin it is ver nice but , how can i remove white sampler box in font of vdj8 when i use orange juice skin? Thanks
CadDog schreiben an Thu 17 Nov 16

Your OrangeJuice is very nice. Love the size because I use my keyboard to select and mix with. I also like that you can have it anyway you want.!

I only have one question for now. I played with it last night and I wasn't able to find how to bring back my video once I X it off. On the plus side, it made me pick every single thing on this skin... lol

I did down load VDJ 8 the day after it came out but because the skins where up to what I liked I have wanted to use VDJ 8. Now there is a good reason. Thanks for this skin. CadDog... :)
rock opa schreiben an Sun 31 Jul 16
Super Skin Danke dafür
muddytoes schreiben an Tue 28 Jun 16
hey there DJnice :o)
I love your skin orangejuice which I have the latest download running on my new macbook pro with VDJ 8.1. I recently upgrade to this new MBP running 10.11.5. My question is about the waveform size, since transferring across to the new laptop the waveform is only very thin with, very flat (colour is set to ultra blue), waveform view is set to large(same size as thin, have tried all sizes with same minmal change is size) total waveform beat view is 4 bars. When I load a track that is not analysed yet the view of the waveform is appropriately sized, though once analysing is finished the wave for shrinks to the thin view. Any help in understand is muchly appreciated. Absolutely love your skin as well :) thanks for you hard work :)
music234 schreiben an Fri 15 May 15
Danke fürs adding ;o)
music234 schreiben an Fri 08 May 15
HeHo, hab Dich mal geaddet
Danke für Deine Skin-tutorials.
DJMigi09 schreiben an Fri 06 Feb 15
Hallo djnice ...

Hätte noch eine kleine bitte zwecks new Wave slimline .. einen beatgrid einzubauen .. so wie bei den
anderen wavelines .. wäre echt Super ..
Siehe beitrag von DJ GDW .. Posted Sat 17 Jan 15 @ 2:11 pm