<<< Thats a sexy picture of me there huh?? Just a guy who started spending his boyhood allowance buying vinyl albums back in the 70's. Took my 45's and my JC Penny home stereo to the neighbor girls 14 year old pool party......and the rest is history...My past has been a BLAST thanks to the music. Born 1960, starting doing freebie parties, then skating rink at 15,,(wow that was pure ego food!!!) from that created a home studio where I had a 8-track recorder for making mixed tapes...not an 8 TRACK studio recorder but the old style piece of shit, tape get eaten all the time poor audio fidelity 8track tapes recorder...from that moved into Mobiles for high school and college then radio, then strip clubs,,excuse me gentlemens clubs....Met alot of pro sports players here in ATLANTA...


MCJULI schreiben an Tue 14 Apr 09
Hi, i add you on my friends list :o)

Greeetz McJuli
TearEmUp schreiben an Mon 24 Nov 08
I posted a new mix today.
Please give it a listen, I hope you enjoy it.
Ratings have been turned off, so if you like it please leave a comment.
Thanks for the support..T
djtops schreiben an Fri 17 Oct 08
Come on in, the waters fine, we got a while
TearEmUp schreiben an Tue 14 Oct 08
I'm 46...and hip my DJ