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ZIPDJ schreiben an Wed 20 Nov 13
gogosds schreiben an Thu 01 Dec 11
Hello there!

I'm the CEO and founder of, the new and most upcoming community forums for DJs and Producers!

DJTalks, is a "mix" of DJTechTools, GeatSlutz, DJForums and FutureProducers. We took all the great aspects of all those websites and we put them into DJTalks!

We made a "mashup", creating a forum that will host both since they are in the same industry.

I think that combination is perfect for the niche since there aren't any websites like that around

Just think of that, DJs being able to learn how to remix and even create their own tracks without having to change to a music production community.

Vice versa, producers will be able to let DJs listen to their tracks and give them feedback on how they can improve and probably work together…just like that!

Both will be able to discuss anything related to gear, techniques, news, and much more!

Check us out at

That's not a spam. We’re just trying to connect DJs and Producers be under one community!!

Feel free to Join Us and invite your friends! We need your support!
Thanks :-)


Twitter: http://www.twitter.comDJTalksCOM

Best Regards,
George Reystar
costy26k schreiben an Wed 26 Oct 11
Ciaooo ;) magari presto in radio? e perchè no un pensiero alla squadra? The Italian Job?
pochitodj schreiben an Wed 28 Sep 11
No io intendo il mio mapper non l'hanno publicato e stato respinto in ogni caso e quello che uso io, e si quando vuoi passarmelo me lo dici cosi vediamo le modifiche e magari lavorandoci insieme viene un mapper con i controattributi jeje ;-)
etabetanet schreiben an Tue 27 Sep 11
No, non l'ho pubblicato, l'ho solo modificato per il mio utilizzo e lo sto testando, casomai poi ti invio le modifiche da me fatte! ;)
pochitodj schreiben an Mon 26 Sep 11
Purtroppo non lo hanno accetatto e' stato respinto, credo che tu abbia dei problemi con i 4 decks ma solo con il video vero!!! per il resto credo che sia alquanto funzionale e' molto intuitivo
Yoshimitsu-Kutenai schreiben an Wed 08 Dec 10
w la dj trim! ciao!
pochitodj schreiben an Thu 14 Oct 10
E bello sapere di non essere l'unico dj latino qui Saluti e se serve qualcosa sono a disposizione Saluti Cordiali