AudioDelite schreiben an Wed 29 Jun 11
thanks for adding me man!
Seana23 schreiben an Mon 07 Feb 11


bet you've not those words in a while!!!

the SOUND INSURGENT schreiben an Thu 03 Feb 11
Yo Thanks for the add and enjoy the skins!! Also I'm from the midwest, IOWA
Seana23 schreiben an Tue 23 Nov 10
Hi babe.

Er... this 4MX thing.... looks nice... Though apart from the jog-wheels i cant see much difference.
Yes it can mix 4 decks, but so can an RMX with either the VDJ7 software (4 deck skin), or two external CDJ's (using the "source" buttons) cant it?

........And i couldn't see a price anywhere either.

And just how many decks can 1 person feasibly use!??!
Aren't only 2 decks "Audibly" playing anyway?

......What do you think... A Gimick or A Goody?

Seana XXX
Seana23 schreiben an Sat 13 Nov 10
Thanx babe. pleasue to be ya pally. XXX
Seana23 schreiben an Sat 13 Nov 10
Thanx for the friend request... its a pleasure to reciprocate.... XXX
LPspinner schreiben an Wed 26 May 10
spinnin thru
Dolla_Debonair schreiben an Thu 11 Feb 10
dope set up.. I like your mixes also... keep it up..
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Tue 05 May 09
Cool gear, you're added!
DjMorpheo22 schreiben an Sat 25 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ;-)

kingarthurdj schreiben an Sat 11 Apr 09
I read your comment on jasper1234 wall so here an answer.
farhanashraf: im sorry to tell you, I send a email to Numark and they told me that the NS7 will be compatible at some time but right know it is not, i have test the ns7 and try to map it on VDJ but only the half of the buttons and sliders are mappable on VDJ nether the platters and no led lights up!, so it is just Serato Itch until VDJ is compatible
fattmatt1972 schreiben an Thu 09 Apr 09
added mate.
Dj Blost schreiben an Fri 20 Mar 09
hii I add you!
Dolla_Debonair schreiben an Mon 02 Mar 09
thanx for the add