I remember when my mom and dad used to throw house parties and they would stock up on food and beverages, invite everyone they knew. It was always my job to put the coats, purses, and/or personal items in the back room. Then I had to watch for my dad to give me the O.K. and that's when the party really began.

I was in charge of the music and getting people to dance. Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall"...


Seana23 schreiben an Sat 08 Jan 11
well done for calming that thread down about the kiidy who downloads tunes for free. you were a breath ov fresh air next to all the stuffed jumpers that totally overreacted to his (albeit unwise) statement.
Well done again babes. XXX
i've friended you as its nice to see someone with his head screwed on.
gettygreen77 schreiben an Fri 23 Apr 10
thanks for the add
mini reaper schreiben an Sun 06 Dec 09
sup fattt!!!!!!!!!
AznAng3l schreiben an Tue 08 Sep 09
Thnx for the add! :)
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Wed 01 Jul 09
I'm keepin' it fresh! lol. The B&W was 3 years old, this one's three weeks old, call me Mr. Vain, or call me insane.
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Mon 08 Jun 09
I hear ya man, thanks for the input, it's appreciated!
wildcountryclub schreiben an Mon 08 Jun 09
*insert amusing greeting here*
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Fri 05 Jun 09
Thanx for the add!! Keep Spinnin' & Grinnin'!!!!
kingarthurdj schreiben an Fri 05 Jun 09
upss the last message was not for you jejeje. sorry.
cool i know the place its called ''El Hamburger'' jejeje you know next time you come to puerto rico let me know, im the resident DJ @ Basiliko @ old san juan and also i dj 2 times a month in other club neer old san juan called zequence.
kingarthurdj schreiben an Fri 05 Jun 09
purple and green, cool no problem as soon a finish making it i will send it to you or uploaded to vdj website. if you like i can add any picture or your dj name :)