jimmy b

Hi all, it's the daft sod from little old England.

People ask me, are you ever gonna grow up Jim, I just look at them and laugh. Life is hard, why be serious all the time.

Lets just have some fun.


proson schreiben an Sun 14 Feb 10
I've added in my friends list ;o)
find me on:
santé ! tchin-tchin !!
Dazmax schreiben an Thu 31 Dec 09
Hi Jimmy, hope you are well oiled. All the best for 2010 mate.
LPspinner schreiben an Fri 04 Dec 09
hey Jimmy
sischo schreiben an Tue 24 Feb 09
Great Jimmy..I completly in agreement with you.
Life is hard, why be serious all the time!!!!
Haui70 schreiben an Tue 24 Feb 09
Hehe, Jimmy b. Your're not looking like 33! Hmm, i think well conserved with beer, like me, lol! Have a great Party! Greetings Haui
armin mc schreiben an Mon 16 Feb 09
Thanks for add Jimmy :o)

capricepusha schreiben an Thu 12 Feb 09
hey bro when you get a second check my post again thanks!
virtualtfe schreiben an Tue 10 Feb 09
nice place... good temperature and price not very expensive ...
djcity schreiben an Mon 09 Feb 09
Stopping by to say hi. Keep the people dancin, Keep the party rockin, Keep the money flowin in.
djmariojax schreiben an Mon 09 Feb 09
thank you for the add. Borat voice" Very nice. How much?" lol.
superwest schreiben an Sun 25 Jan 09
hey bud..... yer thata what i thort ok thankx n al have a look to...if i do al let you no. but you will probz sort it be for me lol wb
djgabriel1 schreiben an Mon 12 Jan 09
happy new year im from virginia usa