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cybergrooves.ms schreiben an Thu 26 Apr 18
yes please mac version!!! i miss the effect with VJ 7
davidzfr schreiben an Sun 02 Jul 17
Hi Kaleo (again), the problem is the same with other vdj7 and older effects (like metal effect for example).
davidzfr schreiben an Sun 02 Jul 17
Hi Kaleo, I recently discover that flippindouble effect has a bug with vdj8. When i start flippindouble effect on left deck then start right deck and stop left deck, right deck is not responding on right song but on flippindouble effect instead.
When i stop flippin double on left deck, right deck song is coming back to played song on right deck. If flippindouble is restarted on left deck, right deck is muted and left song with flippindouble is played... Crazy!
btoluevano schreiben an Mon 18 Jul 16
Good Job my Friend!
dJ_ro_(ecu) schreiben an Sat 15 Jan 11
I added u to my list friends...
superman1989 schreiben an Tue 04 May 10
Hi, would i be able to get a mac version of the tk filter please?