Well what do I say....?

I started with music at the age 10 (i can remember taking LL Cool J and Motely Crue records out from the local libary). I have used just about every possible mixing and software know to man, woman, and child. I started making pause mix tapes with one tape deck and then bought another tape deck plus a radio shack 4 channel mixer. From there i moved on to turntables been with them since. By 1997 my vinyl collection was large but was no longer growing much after i was introduced to MP3's. Looking for a way to mix with these MP3's i stumbled upon ATOMIXMP3 but since there was no vinyl...


djregency schreiben an Thu 15 Dec 16
I'm requesting to be on VDJ radio. email @djregency @KingOfBlendsDJs
djej schreiben an Mon 13 Oct 14
What's up?
johnnylocs07 schreiben an Sat 06 Jul 13
hey i want to be a virtualdj radio dj, i mix house/hiphop/disco/mashups. i can be contacted at or please get back to me asap. i need to get on
verde38 schreiben an Tue 26 Jun 12
The best.....
djej schreiben an Tue 17 Jan 12
Hey, I'm back on here. You still around? Hope all is well.
verde38 schreiben an Mon 16 Jan 12
bellissima skin ke hai fatto::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
djej schreiben an Tue 21 Dec 10
Merry Christmas Old Friend. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.
durdeesmurdee schreiben an Wed 08 Dec 10
I would really like an @ 4deck skin. same layout no change. just 4 decks. Any chance?
dJ_ro_(ecu) schreiben an Sat 13 Nov 10
Tanks for the add!!!!
Justme12 schreiben an Sat 16 Oct 10
dJ_ro_(ecu) schreiben an Thu 14 Oct 10
Congratulation for the VDJ 7 Atomix Producctions
dj_alex_jarocho schreiben an Thu 19 Aug 10
just added u to my friends list =)
Djtakeoff schreiben an Tue 10 Aug 10
tryed your suggestion on the invalid skin file (error line 0 in the xml) stills tripping can u lead me the right route please
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