DJReal NYC schreiben an Thu 19 Oct 17
Hey Brother Thank you so much for your service!!! DJReal NYC.
slimcox1 schreiben an Thu 13 Jan 11
I added u to my friends list
AznAng3l schreiben an Thu 21 Jan 10
Hey Devil Dog, hope all is well & keep out of trouble! ..lol
DJRudeDoGG schreiben an Sun 05 Jul 09
Thanks for the add!
dj2l8b schreiben an Thu 02 Jul 09
Made you a Feeder, Please try to keep it in Trance, or anything in that genre
fatkatzdj schreiben an Tue 30 Jun 09
Hey reap, how's the military treating ya?
DjMorpheo22 schreiben an Sat 25 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ;-)

vj angelo schreiben an Wed 22 Apr 09
Thanks for add:-)
by Vj Angelo
=>> Musica Per I Vostri Occhi <<=
Haui70 schreiben an Wed 11 Mar 09
Hey my friend, good to see you back on VDJ Radio! Take care!!!!!!
Haui70 aka DJ LateBloomer
TearEmUp schreiben an Wed 28 Jan 09
Yeah Reaps....serving our country is a sacrifice no doubt. I'm sure your friend knows how you felt about him though. Hang in there piquito brother....
Haui70 schreiben an Fri 23 Jan 09
Hey reaper, thx for the welcome on vdj radio (tag) cu, Haui
jimmy b schreiben an Wed 10 Dec 08
Cheers reaps for the add :)
TearEmUp schreiben an Sat 18 Oct 08
REAPS!!!!! I missed ya little brother!!
mini reaper schreiben an Sat 18 Oct 08
reaper...USMC PVT REAPER!!!!