What up,,,,Mistah_P,, or JP to the real world,,, semi new to dj world, but a vet in the live audio world,, played around with dj back in college in the clubs left it alone for bout 8 years and picked it back up and found VDJ..Lovin it since..


A Man and His Music schreiben an Mon 17 Jan 11
Thanks for the add. Peace
the SOUND INSURGENT schreiben an Thu 30 Sep 10
Thanks for the add bro!! You get that screen shot thing figured out?
TDBennett schreiben an Mon 19 Apr 10
yes, it is Slick Rick. He and Doug E Fresh were in town last weekend for a show at a local club. Good times.
LPspinner schreiben an Wed 24 Mar 10
just 'spinnin'
studio70554 schreiben an Tue 10 Nov 09
Whats up bro get at me!
TearEmUp schreiben an Fri 06 Nov 09
Thanks for the add!