Nathan Sanger
I've been contributing to the Electronic music scene since the late 90's in many way's. Started off amazed and in love at my first Rave. Bought my Junco's and went to work on the dance floor of every state I could get to with the money I had. Wanted to contribute more so put all my effort into learning how to DJ. Then turned to promoting myself which in turn lead me to throwing parties in Ohio and Chicago. Ounce I moved to Chicago I met John Kelly who played a mean sax. It was a match made in heaven, He played live Sax to my funky House set we were Dj Wizdom & Jazz Kelly. And got booked out all over. These day's I have an amazing family 3 boy's and a beautiful wife but I still feel the pull of the music so I contribute when and where I can hoping to get someone somewhere up and...


Nathan Sanger schreiben an Sat 10 Mar 18
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