My name is Scott and I am a member of the development team here at Atomix Productions .

I am also a professional DJ based in the south of England/London. I took up DJ'ing around 1993 and play all sorts of music at all kinds of venues including bar, club and mobile doing both audio and video work.

You can find me on twitter - SBDJ.


tonys party time schreiben an Tue 04 Sep 18
hay Scott did you ever get the mac version of the Tweet list working
TeoTJ schreiben an Sat 18 Aug 18
why is not Syphon plugin available any more?
TeoTJ schreiben an Wed 08 Aug 18
Hi, Scott. I'm trying on the Don, and to no avail. To make a version of Plugins TM and TV for MAC.
I just bought a mac, I did not have this problem with windows, I remember the clip bank that caters to me. You can make a simple plugin for over-running videos with videos or photos, sequential, random or manual. What works on MAC?
Thank you very much
tycoonentertainmentcanada schreiben an Sun 08 Jul 18
where have you been hiding? Hope your doing ok. last twitter feed i saw was 2017.
NevilleWard schreiben an Thu 05 Apr 18

One other quick question - why does the generate script button not do anything?
NevilleWard schreiben an Thu 05 Apr 18
Hi Scott,

I have just deleted the freestyler8 add in because I seemed to have a glitch on the generate script button. And now I cannot find the link to download your latest version of the add on. Please help as I am prepping for a large event at the weekend! And ... yes I am a complete idiot not to download the current version BEFORE deleting the installed one
deejayfred schreiben an Sat 17 Mar 18
Hi Scott ! is there any way you know to make your Keystone Effect work on a Mac ? Thanks!
djkic86 schreiben an Wed 14 Mar 18
Totally didn't mean shit, i voice text it's suppose to be Scott
djkic86 schreiben an Wed 14 Mar 18
Hey shit in a nut shell i can't use my Pioneer DDJ-T1 with VDJ
rrutz9700 schreiben an Tue 20 Feb 18
Hi Scott, really like SBDJ82 Video, can i make a couple requests, it would be cool if you could have a + for adding effect like in original VDJ8, also would be cool to be able to see the key change, otherwise my favorite skin, thanks
ixisdj schreiben an Wed 29 Nov 17
hello, I'm trying to make a plugin like the scrolltext you did for vdj7, to know if you had an example for version 8 of vdj that you could share, just being able to put a text on the screen would be excellent
bigbenz500 schreiben an Wed 16 Aug 17
hello can anyone tell me why on some songs when its a video and you hot cue and switch to other song it like drags and messes up when you cross fade over....
yachanan schreiben an Sat 15 Jul 17
cliffbell schreiben an Mon 10 Jul 17
Hi Scott,
Love and use you balance and stereo add on.
Any chance there is a simple stereo/mono switch add on that could be controlled in V8 software.

deepr schreiben an Thu 08 Jun 17
Olá eu gostaria de saber se você pode fazer uma modificação no plugin EQ10 para eu poder equalizar os lados L&R de maneiras diferentes.
Obrigado desde já!