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SBDJ schreiben an Sat 25 Feb 12
Mac version and updated PC version in the near future :) schreiben an Sun 12 Feb 12
Morning all (when your a DJ it's always morning, cause we all get in at Silly O.clock)
I'm a Video DJ and have been for in the industry for over 30 years, being a DJ & now DVJ has taken me round the world, however i'm starting to feel it's time to simplify my set up
So my DJ mate has recommended VDJ which i now have bought and do like (Very much) however i need advise on what would be the best set up.
My current set up is Pioneer SVM 1000 & 2 x DVJ 1000 and using VDJ via a converter into one channel of the SVM as a back up, this works well but is a bit of a faff to set up for small gigs.
Tom (my mate) use's a Denon MC 6000 which is good , but to me it looks like a toy with the small jog wheels. Im tempted to buy the Numark NS6 as it has large jog wheels and all the bits. I would use this for smaller gigs. But keep my SVM & DVJ's for corporate gigs.
I recently bought Rane SL3, matrox dual2go & 2 extra video converters to try and link Virtual dj and my SVM & 2 DVJ's but i was getting lag with the time codes. So I have ditched that idea (anyone interested in buying the Matrox Dual2go & Rane SL3)
So any ideas to what midi unit i should get.
Thanks in advance
Simon P