"VirtualDJ is the start of a new era for me as a DJ! I want to master this tool, make my mark with it, and take it a step further... "

As an individual I'm known as the DJ or the mixer. My name is Earl A.K.A DJ Slim born and raised in the beautiful Spice Island of Carriacou Grenada. I currently do private parties, house parties, birthday parties, Cookouts, Weddings etc. My mixes consist of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Hip Hop, and R&B music/videos(Promo only).

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Raggae/Dancehall mashup Fri 21st Aug 2015 Soca Mashup Sat 22nd Aug 2015 Mehr anzeigen

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DJReal NYC schreiben an Mon 23 Oct 17
Yeah Mon, Greetings From NewYorkCity Much Respect DJRealNYC
NOMASANA schreiben an Mon 30 Nov 15
Yes I Bless !!!!
DJ Telegram schreiben an Fri 28 Aug 15
Greetings Star,
Hope all is well over that way,
One Love God Aim & Destiny
slimcox1 schreiben an Sat 15 Aug 15
Wow it's been a while but I'm back
Ticoindamix schreiben an Tue 08 Oct 13
Added you back buddy. Sorry it took me so long.
slimcox1 schreiben an Thu 01 Aug 13
djspank ask in the support forum
djspankk schreiben an Mon 22 Jul 13
i have a question. when i use my virtual dj video to mix the video starts to stutter and freeze WHEN I PRESS REC and when i un check the lil box saids USE HARDWARE ACCELERATION and i press rec it don't work so what i need to do to straighten this issue out i bought a new good video card and ram so what should i do djcel i been having this problem since couple months bro i see other ppl mixing videos and they don't have the same problem im having sir please help me i'm a member on virtual dj i bought this program here online.
dj lazy dogg schreiben an Wed 17 Jul 13
hit me up dj lazydogg
slimcox1 schreiben an Sun 16 Jun 13
Happy Father's day
slimcox1 schreiben an Fri 24 May 13
GM to everyone
slimcox1 schreiben an Thu 02 May 13
Nice Djspankk